Code for maintenance of crane operating mechanism

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Specification for maintenance and repair of crane operating mechanism


1. If serious wear is found on the wheels of the crane, immediately check whether the track and wheels are regular

2 the starters at both ends of the pipeline and bridge must be adjusted to ensure that both ends of the crane start or stop synchronously

3. Check that the anchor bolts are not loose

4. The crane operating mechanism is driven separately. Pay attention to the wiring phase sequence of the motors on both sides to make the motors run in the same direction. The commissioning can be carried out only after the wiring is confirmed to be correct


1. The power cable supplying power to the trolley shall be free from oil to prevent erosion

2. The driver must ensure to tighten the bolts loosened due to vibration at any time

3. Slings with any damage, defect or incompleteness shall not be used

4-ball testing machine, also known as 4-ball machine and 4-ball friction and wear testing machine. 4. The steel wire rope shall not be heated or wet, and can curve the fracture process of the material to show the corrosion and damage of paint, acid and alkali

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