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Putian decoration market focuses on cultural marketing, and the popular "Cultural Festival"

in April, the good expectation of the real estate market has also brought the sales tide of the decoration market. In order to have better sales performance, many businesses in Putian market have also tried their best in various ways, such as price war, group purchase meeting, million profit transfer... Various marketing methods emerge in endlessly. When these ways fight each other in the market, another marketing mode focusing on the concept of "culture" came into being. The sales with culture as the concept, such as "art and Culture Festival" and "home decoration culture festival", have made the highly competitive market more fresh

"Cultural Festival" is dazzling, attracting a large number of customers

in Putian decoration market, with the opening of decoration companies of different sizes and the entry of more and more foreign home building materials brands, the intensity of market competition has reached another height. From the price war of a single dealer to the alliance group purchase of multiple dealers, from preferential promotion to brand bargaining, in order to win more sales share in the market, both the owners of decoration companies and the dealers in the home building materials industry are looking for a breakthrough in the market, or facing the competition directly, or finding another way

"since the establishment of Putian company, Dongyue decoration has held such a 'home decoration art and Culture Festival' every year, which has been held for the fifth time this year." During the interview, Mr. Lin, the person in charge of Fujian Dongyue Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., told reporters that when the company just entered Putian, there were few decoration industry activities with "culture" as the carrier, "In the market at that time, most of them were based on previous preferential promotions. Of course, in the early stage when the owners took a fancy to the decoration price, they would indeed achieve certain business performance in the competition of decoration design. However, in the long run, preferential promotions were difficult to fundamentally provide strong brand support to the owners." As a result, every year since entering the Putian market, Dongyue decoration will put forward a home decoration art and Culture Festival focusing on quality and service. 2015 is no exception. From March 8 to April 12, the home decoration art and Culture Festival, which lasted for more than a month, attracted many owners with decoration needs

coincidentally, Xingyi decoration Putian branch from Guangdong also proposed the decoration activity of "decoration culture festival" in April. According to Ms. Liu, its manager, this decoration culture festival will gather more than 20 high-end designers from Xingyi decoration Fujian area to sit at the activity site all day and provide zero distance face-to-face communication for owners. "This is also the 11th cultural festival that the whole Xingyi Decoration Group attaches great importance to. At that time, 480 cities across the country will hold 'big linkage, joint protection' and other activities at the same time. The Cultural Festival is mainly to popularize a decoration concept and culture to the general public, and give back to new and old owners with strong incentives." According to the reporter, in order to prepare for the decoration culture festival to be held on April 19, Xingyi decoration Putian branch is also making great efforts to prepare, hoping to present a different marketing activity to the owners

famous experts are also invited to give lectures in the home building materials market.

the reporter recently visited and found that the marketing activities with the "Cultural Festival" as the highlight not only appeared in the decoration market, but also frequently appeared in the recent home building materials market. The Jianyi marble tile "home in Putian Cultural Festival" that will be held on April 18 is one example. According to Ms. Liu, the person in charge of the flagship store of Jianyi marble tile Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza in Putian, the activity on April 18 is the launching ceremony of the home in Putian Cultural Festival. After the launching ceremony, a cultural lecture hall will be held in mid June, at which time Mr. Yu Dan will be invited to give lectures in Putian. "As the highlight of the Putian Cultural Festival, the cultural lecture hall is a comprehensive activity that includes cultural exchanges, professional seminars, and ideological forums. On the day of Mr. Yu Dan's on-site lecture, he will closely focus on the 'family culture' for in-depth interpretation, teach the way of family culture, and let more people experience the essence of Chinese traditional family culture."

as the decoration industry facing the market of most ordinary citizens, there are indeed few marketing activities focusing on "talking about culture" in the current market. When visiting these "first try" enterprises, the reporter also found that the promotion of decoration culture by enterprises is implemented in practice, and the purpose of their activities can ultimately achieve great gains. In this regard, Mr. Lin, the person in charge of Dongyue decoration, said, "when our company first entered Putian five years ago, the proportion of citizens looking for decoration companies in the home decoration market was about 5%. With the change of concept, we observed that now about 20% of owners will directly connect to the decoration company, rather than just do it themselves."

according to Mr. Lin, in the five years since entering Putian, Dongyue decoration company has been communicating with the outside world for a long time, and has continuously improved its own quality and service level, "Under the guidance of unremitting ideas, in terms of decoration, citizens are no longer satisfied with the traditional decoration, but focus more on how to decorate and transform the house to make it more livable. This is also one of the reasons why we have continued to hold the home decoration art and Culture Festival in the past five years."

Putian has a strong cultural atmosphere, and the decoration also stresses family and filial piety.

according to Ms. Liu, the head of the flagship store of Xiyingmen building materials and furniture plaza in Putian City with Jianyi marble tiles, as a famous cultural country, Putian City is very strong in the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. Jianyi marble tile flagship store is also on this basis, with high-end products as the media, to find out the target groups, "through the home in Putian Cultural Festival, we can better emphasize family and filial piety again."

however, during the interview, the reporter also found that although it is the main "Cultural Festival", many enterprises or dealers also take culture as the carrier and constantly launch the sales of products. For example, at the upcoming decoration culture festival of Xingyi decoration, its slogan is "look at the brand, look at the design, look at the materials, look at the technology and other 6 attractions, 8 advantages, 10 firewalls, N kinds of intelligent life performance..." the promotion focus of the activity is on the brand service of the enterprise; While promoting the home decoration art and Culture Festival, Dongyue decoration also launched preferential activities such as "signing a contract for design, 20% discount on the design fee", "signing a contract for a model house, enjoying a 9.5% discount on the basic price of the project", "a deposit of over 5000 yuan, a project foundation cost of more than 10W to offset 5000 yuan, and a project foundation cost of more than 6W to offset 3000 yuan"; Jianyi marble tiles also launched a series of purchase preferential gifts through this home in Putian Cultural Festival, such as "a deposit of 50000-100000, with a value-added of 10%, send AO Smith water heater", "a deposit of 100000-200000, with a value-added of 15%, send 6 pieces of AB version background wall + Siemens refrigerator", "a deposit of more than 200000, with a value-added of 15%, send 9 pieces of AB version background wall + Siemens refrigerator"

for this reason, some insiders said that "it is also normal", "after all, enterprises always survive by selling products and making profits. The ultimate purpose of holding a wide range of activities is to promote the sales of products. Therefore, consumers also need to know the relevant information of products in advance, and they will not buy blindly at the event site because of the infection of the atmosphere."




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