The growth rate of aluminum alloy door and window

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For more than 10 years, the production of aluminum doors and windows in China has developed from small-scale workshop production to large-scale mechanized, intelligent and branded production and operation. Many excellent enterprises have gradually become the darling of the industry and are sought after by consumers after being tempered by the market

experts say: the resource integration of aluminum door and window enterprises is the general trend

facing the slowdown of China's aluminum door and window market, operators also feel pressure. China is a large country in the production and consumption of aluminum doors and windows, but the overall aluminum doors and windows products are relatively low-end and homogeneous, and the product structure needs to be adjusted urgently. With the introduction of the strictest environmental protection law in China's history, the aluminum door and window industry is also facing more severe challenges. In 2016, some uncompetitive aluminum door and window enterprises also joined the ranks of price reduction and even closed down. In such fierce competition today, only the strong can survive. The best choice for weak small and medium-sized enterprises is to invest in large factories, otherwise they will gradually lose the market and be eliminated by the market. In the case of declining market prosperity, aluminum door and window enterprises need to always adhere to the Chengde manufacturing process, adhere to the concept of environmental protection, and walk out of the road of differentiation

now the industry has developed into an integration period. External market pressure and internal industry competition have prompted the industry to change. Enterprises that have always paid attention to their own management, production, service and brand system construction will become stronger and stronger. Enterprises that focus on short-term benefits and speculative development will gradually be at a loss. Enterprises will have mergers or acquisitions next, and the aluminum door and window industry has reached the stage of survival of the fittest. At this stage, many changes will slowly open up from within the industry. Therefore, aluminum door and window enterprises must choose the integration mode after weighing the advantages and disadvantages according to their own development status. Only by building the internal competitive advantage of the enterprise is the foundation for the enterprise to remain invincible




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