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On July 9, Xiaoyi got up early in the morning, dressed and washed, picked up her briefcase and drove out. She came to Pazhou early. As soon as I brush the circle of friends, I see my friends are brushing the traffic jam

on July 9, Xiaoyi got up early in the morning, dressed and washed, picked up her briefcase and drove out. She came to Pazhou early. As soon as I brush the circle of friends, I see my friends are brushing the traffic jam. Xiaoyi put down her mobile phone and smiled calmly. Of course, many people will come to the exhibition for such a major event, and it is wise to go out early

soon, the people who watched the exhibition poured into the exhibition site, and the people standing next to Xiaoyi were all complaining about roast. Today's subway bus is difficult to squeeze up and get off. I can't help it. There are too many people coming to the exhibition today. If you don't believe it, I'll show you the photos taken by Xiaoyi, as shown in the figure ↓

the exhibition site was crowded. Xiaoyi came to the booth of Yifa doors and windows (area C 16.2-04, 10). It has to be said that Xiaoyi was amazed by the new Chinese style exhibition hall of Yifa doors and windows! It is simply the perfect combination of modern fashion and simple style with Chinese classical elements. It is novel and unique, which is refreshing

then Xiaoyi walked into the exhibition hall with excitement and saw that many people were already looking at the patented new products of Yifa doors and windows. When Xiaoyi saw this scene, she suddenly sighed with emotion. How many people's efforts are behind these products

enterprise leaders care about consumers and insist on using the best raw materials, whether it is aerospace quality aluminum with excellent oxidation resistance, automobile grade double-layer hollow tempered glass with excellent sound and heat insulation effect, or imported skin wood grain or fluorocarbon paint with strong weather resistance, which are carefully selected by them after many comparisons and tests

the excellent product design team of Yifa doors and windows always draws product drawings with passion, and they spread their thinking and innovate products. There are also excellent production personnel. They carefully inspect every product on the production line, install and debug all products, and ensure that all products are qualified before leaving the factory. After their precise debugging, consumers can save at least 1 hour of installation time

it is gratifying that their intentions are being recognized by people. The admiration from time to time from the exhibition crowd is the best reward for them

with a slightly heavy heart, Xiaoyi continued to walk inside and saw a calligrapher splashing ink in front of her, leaving vigorous characters on the white rice paper. Xiaoyi swept away the previous heaviness and rushed to see if she could get the famous calligraphy treasures

after a while, the calligrapher began to mention words on some fans, saying they were given to the dealer as a souvenir

Xiaoyi stared at it for a long time, and finally got a fan. Hey, don't say I'm shameless

when she got the fan, Xiaoyi was in a good mood. Holding up the camera, she took a beautiful picture of the temperament beauty who was playing the Guqin at the scene

then Xiaoyi was dragged by the staff to participate in the golden egg smashing activity. It was said that the maximum bonus was as high as 100000 yuan! They said that many people had won the grand prize and showed Xiaoyi the list of winners

Xiaoyi looked at it, and it was written impressively:

Mr. Yang in Putian, Fujian Province received a 20000 yuan voucher

Miss yuan Xian in Bazhong, Sichuan Province received a 8000 yuan voucher

Mr. Xiong in Shanghai received a 5000 yuan voucher

Mr. Lai in Longyan, Fujian Province received a 3000 yuan voucher


scared Xiaoyi to smash a golden egg quickly, not to mention that she hit it casually and hit a 1000 yuan voucher, It seems that the winning rate is really high. By the way, the 100000 yuan golden egg has not been hit yet! Hurry up, it's time to work hard

while Xiaoyi was intoxicated with the joy of winning the award, the staff next to her asked Xiaoyi to help, saying that several visitors were interested in joining the enterprise, and asked Xiaoyi, the "Yifa door and window know it all" to tell them about the enterprise's investment promotion policy. Xiaoyi quickly straightened the red scarf on her chest, oh no, it's the work card, and then went to explain it...

the day soon passed, and the visitors left one after another. But the staff are still busy, and then they have to prepare for the next exhibition. Look, these two staff members have been standing all day. Even if they are very tired, there is no sign of fatigue on their faces. They insist on serving the people who come to the exhibition with the most beautiful smile. Xiaoyi couldn't help but praise every staff member on the scene! They are all good

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