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Feng Shui in decoration is not only important in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in small spaces. For example, the bathroom is a private place in the whole house, a place for excretion and filth; Therefore, in the bathroom decoration, we should not only consider physical health, but also see whether it is appropriate to decorate Feng Shui. Now let's take a look at the principles of Feng Shui in the bathroom

first, the position of the mirror and the toilet should be right, and remember not to be right

as a place to excrete filth, you don't have to look in the mirror. As long as you can't see the mirror on the toilet, it's reasonable to see the toilet when you look in the mirror. Neither the toilet nor the mirror is facing the door of the bathroom

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placing plants at home not only has the function of purifying the air and beautifying the room, but also can improve the fortunes of homeowners. What kind of plants are placed in different spaces, with different geomantic stress, will also bring different fortunes to the owner. Next, let's take a look at how the plants in the porch, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and balcony should be placed, so as to improve the owner's wealth and health

porch plants can turn evil spirits into prosperity

best plant recommendations: Iron tree, fortune tree, green pineapple, palm plants, etc.

placing plants in the porch basically has two geomantic effects, one is to increase the vitality of the house, the other is to block the weathering evil spirits, so evergreen plants with foliage should be placed. In addition, the porch is the first impression of entering the house, so when choosing plants, it is best to choose plants that can maintain evergreen and flourish. Because its quality will directly affect the physical and mental feelings and fortune improvement of residents and guests. If it is used to turn evil spirits, it is necessary to properly place large-scale pointed leaf plants, and set up spotlights as light sources to ensure the smooth growth of plants, otherwise the blocking effect will be affected, which is not conducive to the development of curtilage

living room plants help you get promoted and make money

best plant recommendations: Fortune tree, Guanyin lotus, etc.

try to place some expensive and ornamental plants in the living room, and coordinate the monotonous straight-line state of the home with scattered plants. The number should not be too much and too messy. In traditional geomantic omen, the arrangement of plants in the living room helps to improve career and increase wealth, among which round leaf ornamental green plants such as fortune tree and Guanyin lotus are preferred. If placed in the east or southeast of the living room, the effect of wishing good luck will be more significant. If you find that the living room plants suffer from diseases and pests, you must deal with them in time, otherwise there will be gossip

bedroom plants determine your good fortune

best plants recommended: Clivia, goldenrod, asparagus, green pineapple, etc.

the bedroom pursues a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. The plants placed must be suitable for the rest and sleep quality, and should be mainly small and medium-sized pots or hanging pots. In a spacious bedroom, you can consider choosing large potted plants, such as Clivia, goldenrod, asparagus, green pineapple and other plants, which are conducive to relaxing nerves and enhancing the relationship between husband and wife

kitchen plants affect health

best plants recommended: Chlorophytum comosum, Begonia, Impatiens, etc.

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