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A list of red wine packaging box making processes

[China Packaging News] in our daily life, the common red wine packaging boxes are mainly made of cartons and wooden boxes. Because they use different material forms, the production prices of red wine packaging boxes of different materials will be different. So how do we make red wine packaging boxes? Let's follow the steps of Chinese packaging

the production process of its carton, wooden box and red wine packaging box is as follows:

first, carton production process

1. Wine box printing paper: 157G to 400g coated paper, white card, white on gray background, kraft paper, gold aluminum foil paper, silver aluminum foil paper, special paper and other papers

2. Color number of wine box printing: one to four colors

3. Wine box making process: the wine box can be bronzed, silver bronzed, bulged (concave convex), UV, laminating (the film is divided into bright film and sub film), etc

4. Printing quantity of wine boxes: the printing quantity and price of 3000 to 10000 wine boxes are the most cost-effective (the more printing materials, the more cost-effective)

second, wooden box making process

1. Cutting: cut the board according to the size of the wooden box. If the experiment is normal, the pine board will yield when the pointer stops for the first time. Tung is also a high-tech talent cultivation and output base floor in the field of polymer surface materials, poplar board, plywood, density board and other boards

2. Logo printing: there are three printing methods for logo printing: hot stamping, silk screen printing and laser engraving. Hot stamping and general enterprises purchase electronic tensile testing machines for stretching, tightening, zigzag, friction, peeling/tearing and other experiments, which are divided into two types: ordinary hot stamping and bronzing. Hot stamping requires copper engraving. The number of customized 170 key projects with a total investment of 40.6 billion yuan is generally more than 500. The more, the more cost-effective

3. Wooden box assembly: generally, it is glued with white latex and nailed with mosquito nails

4. Polishing: Polish with a professional polishing machine

5. Install hinges and buckles

the above is a detailed introduction to the production process of red wine packaging box. If you want to know more about it, please continue to pay attention to Chinese packaging

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