Production process of the hottest leaflet page

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Production process of leaflets

generally speaking, supermarkets use leaflets as the main promotional means for stores to record the periodicity of the maximum destructive load P, and usually launch one issue every two weeks. The commodities listed on the leaflets are also set by factors such as season, month, weather, temperature, popularity, festivals, etc., such as focusing on beverages, heatstroke prevention products, air conditioners, etc. in summer, and hot pot, cooked food Mainly cold proof products. Next, I specially prepared this general knowledge about the leaflet page for you

materials for leaflets

leaflets are usually 8-folio or 16 folio in size, and the paper is generally 105g, 128G or 157G coated paper, printed in color on both sides

production process of leaflet page

the production process of leaflet page is divided into four parts: filing design (sales subject, quotation, text, printing pictures on the advertising sheet) printing and distribution

design is the main link. Attention should be paid to: 1. To prevent cutting to text or other content, please place the text and required content within 3mm of the cutting line; 2. Please save CorelDRAW in CDR file format. If it is above 10.0, it is recommended to save the conversion curve as 8.0 for the sake of making up. For graphics with CorelDRAW special effects, please convert them to bitmaps. Bitmaps at 350dpi are better; 3. Yongxing special steel also announced that Photoshop should be saved in TIF format, and the image file should be more than 350dpi; 4. The color mode should be CMYK. If there are pictures in RGB mode, please turn to CMYK mode first to avoid printing color difference caused by different color modes; 5. If the line is lower than 0.076mm, or the monochrome color block or shading value is lower than 8%, the printing will not appear; 6. If there is a full page color block on the front and back, the customer is recommended to cover the film, otherwise the front is prone to rough edges (white on the edge), and the back is also prone to over bottoming (a little other color will appear on the edge)

advantages of the leaflet page

1. unlike other traditional advertising media, the leaflet page can select the target object pertinently, aim at the target and reduce waste

2. the leaflet page is used to directly advertise the pre selected objects. The advertisement recipients are likely to have a sense of superiority that other traditional media can not compare, so that they can pay more attention to the products independently

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