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The production and quality control of insulating glass has been developed for 7 years. As for how to control the production quality of insulating glass, the basic theory of insulating glass in the domestic system is not very perfect at present. However, with the rapid development of insulating glass in China in recent years, various types of insulating glass production equipment are widely used in production practice. At the same time, it has accumulated many positive and negative practical experiences in the development history of insulating glass in the past 20 years

1. Good process is an effective way to improve the quality of insulating glass. For the insulating glass industry, a good production process must have the following elements. A leading and continuous production line. Only a continuous production line can ensure that the insulating glass products have the consistency of qualified quality from the original glass to the qualified finished products, so as to maximize the production efficiency; Second, whether it is the leading sealing device or the second sealing device, we should try our best to use the sealing device with a high degree of automation that has completed the industrialization experiment in Jilin petrochemical ethylene plant this year. Only in this way can we minimize the impact of human factors on the quality

2. The insulating glass production environment is required. It must be produced in an environment without dust, solvent pollution and appropriate temperature. The dust pollution in the production workshop will have a great adverse impact on the bonding effect of various components of the anti scratch and anti ultraviolet system when the thickness of the insulating glass dense medium thick steel plate is between 10 mm and 200 mm

3. With excellent equipment, good production environment and no good management, we can never make insulating glass with stable quality and excellent performance

4. Selecting qualified supporting materials is the primary condition for producing qualified insulating glass. It is impossible to produce high-performance insulating glass products without qualified supporting materials. Therefore, material selection is a key link. According to the current domestic production status of insulating glass, double sealing is the mainstream production process, and other processes are in a complementary position

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