Production reduction or shutdown of several butadi

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Reduction or shutdown of several butadiene units in Asia

affected by technical failures, some cracking units in Singapore, Taiwan, China and India are currently forced to operate at reduced capacity

in Singapore, shell's 800000 T/a mixed feed cracking unit on Bukong island will be closed in August for one month's maintenance. There is a set of butadiene extraction unit with z-axis 155000 T/a gantry mechanism column at the downstream of the cracking unit. The device has been in reduced capacity operation since May

India's haldiya petrochemical company rose to 109kg in 1999. The company is located in West Bengal, India. It is required that the viscosity of hydraulic oil should be as small as possible with the change of temperature. A 100000 t/a butadiene extraction unit has been reduced since the beginning of this month due to technical failures

a fire broke out in a petrochemical complex of Formosa Plastics in Mailiao on May 12 this year, resulting in the shutdown of a 700000 T/a No. 1 cracking unit and a 109000 T/a butadiene extraction unit. These devices are still under security inspection and have been in a shutdown state. At the same time, Formosa Petrochemical also plans to advance the downtime of the No. 3 cracking unit with a capacity of 1.2 million tons per year and a butadiene extraction unit with a capacity of 176000 tons per year from September to mid August, and the overall downtime will reach 40 to 45 days

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