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Lianyungang 2 glass fiber reinforced plastic composite sewage pipe production project completed and put into operation

Lianyungang 2 reinforced plastic and steel composite winding sewage pipe production lines have been completed and put into operation in the Development Zone recently. At the same time, the foundation of a new plastic steel winding pipe factory has also been laid

the production project of plastic steel winding drainage and sewage pipe is invested and constructed by Lianyungang Jintong pipe industry of Nanjing Jinbang group to serve the large-scale coastal development of our city. The enterprise makes it an open-loop system industry, covering an area of 260 mu. The project is implemented in three phases, with a total investment of 230million yuan. After completion, there will be 52 plastic steel winding drainage and sewage pipe production lines and steel skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe production lines

2. The experimental machine should be installed horizontally on a solid foundation, and its installation levelness should be better than 0.2mm/1000mm. According to experts, the plastic steel winding pipe is a composite special-shaped pipe reinforced by glass fiber, which is spiral wound, welded and lapped at the edge. It is characterized by flexible internal structure, convenient laying and welding, acid and alkali resistance and long service life. It is the best pipe for coastal drainage and sewage channels, It is also an urgent need for the city to reclaim land from the sea and develop coastal parks

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