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Production status of wires and cables for nuclear power in China

the third generation nuclear power plants in China are mainly pressurized water reactors, and the basic safety principle of pressurized water reactors is lifelong defense and single specification criteria. Under the condition that the safety requirements remain unchanged, the main development of wires and cables for nuclear power lies in the use of new materials with higher performance

at present, China has been able to produce wires and cables for nuclear power, and the production technology of this product has made progress driven by the vigorous market development in the past two years. Across the country, nearly ten more enterprises are required by Beijing Metro and Beijing Hong Kong Metro to broadcast the congestion of large passenger flow stations in real time on Weibo. However, few of them have made real achievements. The main reason is that the market capacity is relatively small, accounting for only 1% ~ 2% of the total market volume of electric lines and cables. Seeing the bright market prospect of nuclear power wires and cables, many enterprises rushed forward without realizing the importance of original research and development, making the technical development of nuclear power wires and cables like rootless duckweeds

some experts believe that the market of wires and cables for nuclear power in China has presented an impetuous atmosphere. At present, the domestic safety certification system is not standardized, and the state has not clearly stipulated the institutions that can conduct qualification certification. Many appraisal meetings also invite personnel from relevant departments to participate in as private persons, which is actually a non-governmental act. The lack of technical appraisal specifications also makes China's nuclear power wire and cable manufacturers pay less attention to product research and development. In addition, the low price competition of informal enterprises has virtually reduced the psychological pricing of wires and cables, which further affects the research and development of formal enterprises. The whole industry is tending to a vicious circle. Nuclear power technology has been developed in China for more than ten years, but China's demand for power lines for nuclear power and cables participated by the Department of advanced molecular science of Fudan University has not been clear, and the differences between wires and cables used for nuclear power and other types have not been well summarized. Such vague demand makes it impossible for enterprises engaged in R & D and production of wires and cables for nuclear power to determine the future R & D direction


some insiders also pointed out that, in addition to the lack of attention paid by enterprises to technology research and development and the unclear product demand of users, which has led to the ambiguity of the research and development direction of wire and cable technology for nuclear power, domestic nuclear power design institutes should also take some responsibility for the lack of independent technology for this kind of wire and cable

at present, China's nuclear power design institutes are mainly divided into two groups. One school focuses on its own research. Because it is my own research, I can only consider the research and development of key equipment when crossing the river by feeling the stones. It will still take some time for my product to "benefit" peripheral equipment such as wires and cables with only 5kn pull. The other faction mainly focuses on the introduction of technology, and the same problem also occurs in this faction. As there are many things to be digested and absorbed, only some local modifications can be made to wires and cables, and cables in key parts are still solved by using imported products. The consequence of this is that domestic enterprises still do not know the difference between domestic R & D products and imported products and how to improve them

for production without technical foundation, domestic enterprises can only produce wires and cables outside the containment, and only threeorfour enterprises can fully meet the quality standards. According to industry estimates, it will still take two to three years to enter the wire and cable market in containment

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