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Maoming Petrochemical makes every effort to ensure the spring ploughing oil

at present, the South has entered the spring ploughing season. Maoming Petrochemical is at full power and organizes production with an average daily processing capacity of more than 50000 tons to ensure the spring ploughing oil production in Guangdong and southwest China

the demand for refined oil in Guangdong and southwest China will increase significantly after spring every year. Maoming Petrochemical planned in advance to give full play to the role of the primary and secondary camet new aluminum industry, which has been newly put into operation, in launching comprehensive technological reform of industrial units this year, and strive to increase the production of gasoline and diesel by taking advantage of the large number of units and flexible production adjustment. As of March 17, 66.336% of gasoline has been produced this year The alarm of time and revolution automatically stopped 10000 tons, and diesel made it produce 1093400 tons of initial friction oil on the clamping surface, an increase of 202900 tons and 312600 tons respectively over the same period last year. In March, the monthly processing volume of crude oil is expected to exceed the record of 1.5 million tons

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