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Southern Newspaper purchased the fastest printing equipment in the world (Figure)

Yang Feng, director of the Management Committee of Southern Newspaper Media Group and chairman of Southern Newspaper Media Group, actively guided the transformation and upgrading of the rare earth industry. At the signing ceremony, Xing Feng said that at present, the group has successfully built a three-dimensional combination of newspapers, periodicals, publishers and networks, and gradually extended to the direction of the media brand group, At present, the group is striving to build an international brand of cultural communication industry. After bidding, Nanfang newspaper media group decided to purchase the Swedish sauna d390 newspaper and magazine dual-purpose printing machine and related equipment. After the equipment purchased is put into operation, it will effectively solve the bottleneck problem of the group's newspaper printing, improve the printing quality and timeliness to a new level, at the same time, it will form the printing capacity of periodicals and magazines, and become a new economic growth point of the group

use of Swedish helmet impact resistance tester: the first user of sauna Machinery Co., Ltd.'s printing equipment in mainland China is Nanfang news agency. Carlsson, the chairman and CEO of the company, said that d390 printing machine is the fastest printing equipment in the world. Anhui Xiangbang composite materials Co., Ltd. products have been successfully applied to one of the aerospace and aviation fields. As early as 1983, the two sides had breakthrough cooperation, It is hoped that the new printing equipment will promote the cooperation between the two sides, promote the healthy development of the industry, ensure the smooth replacement of HCFCs and improve the overall technical level of the industry to a new level

Wang Chunfu, general manager of Southern Newspaper Media Group, and Zhong Guangming, general manager, attended the signing ceremony

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