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Polyethylene market trend analysis (4/23

this week, the polyethylene market in China plastic city is unsatisfactory, and some varieties have a sharp price reduction trend. 2. Our party provides lifelong protection services for equipment, and the market development is really worrying.

low density polyethylene (LDPE): after several weeks of slow and narrow market backwardness, the market price continues to fall this week, and the speed and range increase, reaching yuan/ton, Almost all LDPE brands have been affected, and the price is close to the bottom. The current spot market quotation is generally about 7600 yuan -7800 yuan/ton

the main reasons for the continuous decline in LDPE prices are: on the one hand, downstream product processing enterprises are in a bad situation. Even if operators repeatedly reduce prices, they do not stimulate the purchase desire of end users, resulting in weak market demand and lack of enthusiasm for entering the market; On the other hand, although domestic manufacturers continue to reduce the factory price, because the sales situation has been bad since this year, business operators have been slow to respond to receiving goods into the market, coupled with the impact of imported materials, the market resources appear to be relatively surplus

linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE): the market trend is relatively stable, still maintaining the price of yuan/ton last week, but there are signs of weakness. The first reason is that LDPE has not stopped falling, and the price is almost the same as that of LLDPE, which inhibits the activity of LLDPE and HDPE; Second, the film consumption season is gradually ending, which means that the market demand for LLDPE will gradually decrease; Third, the domestic "May Day" holiday, many business operators and some downstream processing enterprises have a holiday, which may have a certain negative impact on the market

guide the development and utilization trend of resources in the whole society. High density polyethylene (HDPE): quoted on the market, individual brands of extruded plastic, plastic injection and film materials have declined slightly, with a range of 100 yuan/ton. The price of extruded plastic and injected plastic is between yuan/ton; The membrane material is about yuan/ton. Although many domestic manufacturers such as Fushun Petrochemical and Qilu Petrochemical lowered their ex factory prices last week, due to low market sentiment, the manufacturer reported that the first sales company provided users with a variety of combinations for users to choose from. Compared with LDPE and LLDPE, the current demand for HDPE is stable and the market is slightly better

the future market of polyethylene may have a certain negative impact due to factors such as the passing of the traditional agricultural film demand season and the re issuance of preferential agricultural film import indicators, and the future market trend is not very clear

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