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During the Spring Festival, the railway loading of Maoming Petrochemical plastic products reached a new high

in the noisy firecrackers, including automobile functional parts, printers, cash detectors, electronic trays, textile machine shuttles, etc., the new year came. When the whole country celebrated the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, Maoming Petrochemical also welcomed a good news, that is, during the Spring Festival, 232 Maoming Petrochemical plastic products were loaded on the railway, Plastic railway transportation exceeded 13000 tons, a record high

Maoming Petrochemical focuses on the market of wall and roof thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation and decoration materials, and exterior wall fire barrier, strengthens communication and coordination with South China Chemical Sales Co., Ltd., and strives to improve the sales of plastic special materials of the company. The chemical division adjusts the process, optimizes production, and strives to produce more high value-added special materials. However, the railway transportation of plastics has been affected by the lack of railway box cars and other reasons, and the loading number and volume have been unable to go up. 3. Crossbeam [yoke]

during the Spring Festival of the year of the snake, Maoming Petrochemical actively improved its relationship with the railway department and actively contacted the railway department to arrange more rows of box cars. When the unloading volume of box cars was insufficient during the festival, it adopted the method of withholding and returning empty cars for the whole train to overcome the difficulties of the Spring Festival transportation, making the outward transportation volume of plastic railways reach a new high during the Spring Festival, breaking the 200 vehicle mark. It ensures the safe production of devices that are planned to be included in the national key special plan during the festival, and lays a foundation for further improving the benefits of plastic special materials

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