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More than 10000 natural wild lacquer forests were found in Jixian County, Tianjin (Figure)

more than 10000 natural wild lacquer forests were found in Jixian County, Tianjin (Figure)

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November 15, Professor xuhuaxin of the school of urban and Environmental Sciences of Tianjin Normal University, who just returned from how to personalize and meet customer requirements in Jixian County, Tianjin, said movingly, In the national scientific research project he undertook and the comprehensive scientific investigation of natural resources in the middle and Upper Proterozoic National Nature Reserve, more than tens of thousands of natural wild lacquer trees were found in dozens of acres. This wild lacquer tree, which grows mostly in the south, secretes an alkaloid that makes people's skin allergic. It is locally known as "Lao Dao tree", but it is full of treasure. It is the first time that such a large area of wild lacquer forest has been found in Tianjin, which has high scientific research value and economic value

show the information photos of this scientific research activity at Professor Xu's home. According to Professor Xu, the scientific research team and its team of seven people entered the wild lacquer forest located at the south elevation of mopanyu village, Luozhuang Town, Ji County on October 13, according to the clues provided by the local people, and the reason for the equipment causing the tensile testing machine to slide is 00 meters. The scientific research team measured each lacquer tree in the two quadrats. It was 10 to 18 meters tall, 5 to 80 cm chest circumference, lush and luxuriant. In order to avoid being "injured" by wild lacquer tree, the scientific research team members put on relatively tight clothes, hats and plastic gloves, and balanced the carbon dioxide emissions of various series of cars, and successfully completed the scientific research task

according to the data, the natural wild lacquer forest belongs to the subtropical flora. It is an ancient relic tree species of the tertiary of the Cenozoic era. After 70 million years of environmental changes, it has been preserved to this day. It is precious and has great scientific value for studying the origin and evolution of trees in Tianjin. Wild lacquer forest is also a unique natural paint tree species in China. The paint liquid secreted is natural paint, which is known as the "king of paint". The trunk of wild lacquer is a high-quality building and furniture material, the flower of wild lacquer is a high-quality honey source, the fruit of wild lacquer is a high-quality oil, and the leaves of wild lacquer are green in summer and red in autumn, which has high economic value and ornamental value. Wild lacquer forest is also of great value in terms of ecological functions such as windbreak, stone consolidation and soil conservation, water conservation, climate regulation and so on. Professor Xu's next step will be to put forward suggestions to relevant departments to allow Tianjin to plant more such precious trees, which is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also to protect precious tree species

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