Map of 50 poor students in Ceheng funded by Guangd

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Guangdong Jiabaoli subsidized 50 poor students in Ceheng (Figure)

Guangdong should keep it clean regularly when using it

November 17, 2006

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when it was learned that some poor students in Ceheng county were difficult to enter school due to special difficulties of their families, When Mr. Qiu Qiming, President of Guangdong Jiabaoli coating group, decided to invest 75000 yuan to subsidize 50 poor students from Ceheng county to complete three years of junior high school on May 6. Yesterday morning, a delegation led by Mr. liangpeixian and Mr. Cao Xianming, representatives of the Student Aid Department of garberry company. Source: danimerscientific distributed 500 yuan per student aid to 50 students who would be broken into pieces after the expiration of the guarantee period. It is reported that up to now, garberry paint group has funded a total of 180 poor students in our province

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