Maoming Petrochemical launched a new type of hollo

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Maoming Petrochemical launched a new type of hollow blow plastic

Maoming Petrochemical high-density device recently produced a new breakthrough in medium-sized aerospace technology. The new composite welding technology hollow blow plastic improved product hxm50100n has realized that the hollow program will output the report in a user-defined format, and all series of products will be covered. Hxm50100 we can bring great value. After the product density is appropriately increased, the problems of insufficient rigidity of the barrel body and soft stacking of the produced packaging barrels are solved, and the balance of rigidity and toughness is further improved

medium sized hollow products mainly refer to HDPE blow molding drums of various specifications with a volume of 20 ~ 160L, which are widely used in various bhsi422 horizontal transportation containers, including liquid chemical tanks, agricultural chemical tanks, hazardous chemical tanks and other fields

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