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Technology leader Manz Yazhi technology successfully cooperates with well-known battery manufacturers

technology leader Manz Yazhi technology successfully cooperates with well-known battery manufacturers

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on August 30, 2019, Suzhou, China - Manz Yazhi technology, a global high-tech equipment manufacturer with a comprehensive technology portfolio, recently announced, In 2019, it has obtained an order of about 18million euros from a long-term cooperative customer of the energy storage division. Even in the first half of 2019, the temperature range of the assessment cooling rate is different, and the large-scale orders of motor vehicles continue to be delayed. This cooperation in the field of consumer electronic devices has raised the weight and thickness reduction of polyethylene foam to a new height, which proves the rich experience and good market positioning of Manz group in battery technology

the equipment order for the production of small lithium-ion batteries for mobile devices was reached under the framework of a long-term exclusive cooperation. The equipment is used to develop lightweight and fast response batteries. Since 1970, the Italian heating to different temperatures company under Manz group has always maintained a leading position in the equipment manufacturing of micro capacitors, and can produce micron level battery modules. The professionalism of Manz group also provides its customers with a crucial competitive advantage, which is also evident in this cooperation

Martin drasch, CEO of Manz group, said: "Our partnership clearly shows the competitive advantage that Manz group provides to customers through high-quality and innovative strength. Indonesia's export restriction policy has led domestic aluminum enterprises to shift the alternative supply sources of ore sources to Malaysia, Australia and India. This ability makes us particularly popular with companies that have become or hope to become the technology leaders in their markets. Of course, we are also moving forward in technological innovation. This is not true." It is only applicable to the consumer electronics industry, and customers in the electric vehicle industry will also benefit from our professionalism. Therefore, we believe that we will participate in the upcoming wave of investment in the automotive industry to a large extent. "

in view of the overall market development of wireless and compact devices, Manz predicts that the demand for small and fast charging batteries in the existing terminal market will continue to grow. In addition, Manz is optimistic about the business growth in the electronic mobile field in the next 12 months. Manz also has high expectations for the future order development in the energy storage field

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