Maoming Petrochemical aims at the high-end market

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Maoming Petrochemical aims at the high-end market and develops new products

since this year, Maoming Petrochemical has aimed at the high-end market and developed six new chemical products, with the output of new products reaching 155400 tons, ranking first in the Sinopec system. There have been four 10000 ton new products, with a cumulative efficiency increase of 113.8 million yuan

"we carry out extensive market research, aim at the high-end chemical market, improve the performance of new products, and enhance the market competitiveness of new products." Dengzhihao, head of the new product development team of the technical quality department of Maoming Petrochemical and chemical division, said

enter the field of medical packaging

at the beginning of this year, Maoming Petrochemical prepared to overcome the difficulty of terpolypropylene products. This product can be used to produce pharmaceutical packaging. The market capacity of the same type of products in South China is nearly 80000 tons/year, and the price is about 2000 yuan/ton higher than that of general materials

however, only one domestic enterprise produces the same type of products that meet the index requirements of downstream manufacturers, and most products rely on imports. The technicians of Maoming Petrochemical visited the East Guangdong market and found that it was not correct to say the Rockwell hardness. 6. Overall size: 550mm × 300mm × 900mm: at present, the medical packaging of a manufacturer basically uses the products of Singapore and Japan

"if Maoming Petrochemical can solve several problems affecting product quality, we are willing to use it for a long time." After in-depth communication with the technical director of the manufacturer, Deng Zhihao introduced the technical advantages of Maoming Petrochemical to the manufacturer. The person in charge of the manufacturer finally expressed his willingness to try it out and provided the exact parameters, performance and other requirements

In August, with the assistance of Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry, Maoming Petrochemical successfully produced about 420 tons of new product F4008 of ternary copolymer polypropylene CPP film material in No. 3 polypropylene plant

from the end of August to the beginning of September, Maoming Petrochemical and experts from Beijing Chemical Institute visited eastern Guangdong again to understand the CPP product market and track the trial situation of five manufacturers. Deng Zhihao came to this medical enterprise again. Their technical director said: Maoming Petrochemical terpolymer products have good processing performance, and the appearance performance meets the requirements, which can meet their own requirements. The manufacturer is currently using them in large quantities

seize the film market

on September 14, Maoming Petrochemical successfully pilot produced a new 500 ton polyethylene product 2420h, which is a low crystal point high transparency plastic, mainly used to produce the film of electronic screens such as screens, and has a broad market prospect

"in recent years, with the faster and faster replacement of electronic products such as, iPad, etc., the demand for these LCD screen films is also increasing. The LCD films produced by low-density polyethylene with high transparency and low crystal point are deeply loved by downstream manufacturers." Guoqinsheng, the process director of the high-pressure workshop of Maoming Petrochemical and chemical division, found that such products have a large market demand in the Pearl River Delta, but the supply is insufficient

earlier, in early 2015, Maoming Petrochemical had a trial production of the new brand, but due to the first "blind man touching an elephant", the characteristics of this new product were not understood, and the products produced by the trial production were not used by the manufacturer on a large scale

"the LCD screen film has very strict requirements on the crystal point of the product, which cannot exceed 3 crystal points per 10cm2, which is a great test of our control over the reactor parameters of the device!" Guoqinsheng was a little unwilling to mention the previous lesson

at the beginning of this year, Guo flexibly added the required standards; Qin Sheng participated in the polyethylene expert seminar of the group company, and he actively sought advice from the experts present. After returning, he immediately joined hands with the experts of the Institute, consulted a large number of documents, jointly specialized in technology, and integrated a new improved formula

in June, Guo Qinsheng arranged workshop technicians to track the changes of fish eyes of device products, optimize and adjust relevant parameters, so that the fish eyes of products are almost reduced to zero, meeting the 2420h conditions of device production. On September 14, Guo Qinsheng led the technical backbone of the workshop to sit in the central control room and control the reaction pressure at the best value by optimizing the four temperature peak ranges of the reactor; Innovative methods such as optimizing and adjusting the hot water system, accelerating the heat removal capacity of the reactor and avoiding the sticking of the reactor wall finally achieved satisfactory products after 3 hours of production conversion

after the trial production test of the Research Institute, the crystal point of the 2420h new product in the trial production decreased from 8 to about 3. The performance tests of the product fully met the requirements of the manufacturer, and finally entered the film market

into the first-line sports brand

"the CIS polybutadiene rubber transparent material produced by us in June has won unanimous praise and favor from six Fujian customers, and its wear resistance and transparency are better than other domestic manufacturers." Xie Weixin, manager of the chemical division, said

it turns out that the cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber products previously produced by Maoming Petrochemical have poor transparency in shoe-making, which affects its promotion in the field of shoe-making. In order to solve the problem of poor transparency, the scientific research backbone of Maoming Petrochemical Company, together with experts from Beijing Chemical Research Institute, conducted many tests and analyses, strengthened technical research, and gradually explored ways to improve the transparency of finished rubber. In June, the wear resistance and transparency of cis-polybutadiene rubber BR9000 products produced by them have been greatly improved

then, xujinguo, director of the rubber Institute of Maoming Petrochemical Research Institute, led a team to Fujian to visit the shoe polybutadiene rubber market. After a large manufacturer tried it out, the manager of the purchasing department made it clear that the transparency and wear resistance of Shunding, the improved process of Maoming Petrochemical, were better than that of a brand they had been using, and they were willing to continue to use it

Maoming Petrochemical further explored the market and took the initiative to visit the door. After communicating with the director and technicians of Anta sports company, it was learned that the manufacturer focused on the color stability and physical property stability of products. Xu Jinguo rushed to promote CIS polybutadiene rubber products after process improvement, especially in the case of a large amount of experiments. The person in charge of Anta manufacturer expressed his willingness to try them out

"in September, 146 tons of new cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber shoe material special products produced by Maoming Petrochemical were delivered to Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and distributed by dealers to Jordan and other first-line sports brand manufacturers, marking that the special material has been recognized by major brands." On October 9, after seeing the company's announcement, Xu Jinguo and his team applauded. Since June, Maoming Petrochemical has produced more than 20000 tons of BR9000 products, all of which have been sold

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