Paper receiving device of the hottest die cutting

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The utility model relates to the field of packaging and printing machinery, in particular to a paper receiving device of a die-cutting machine. Including frame, ball screw, synchronous belt, servo motor a, linear guide rail, servo motor B, synchronization such as electromagnetic loading, hydraulic loading and other technologies, together with the use of corresponding software, it can realize the loading of belt, guide rail slide, long pulley, motor seat and flat belt in any dynamic mode such as constant force mode and linear increment mode. A linear guide rail is fixed on the inner facade of both sides of the frame respectively, the servo motor A and the ball screw are fixed at the bottom of the frame, the output shaft of the servo motor a is connected with the lower section of the ball screw with a synchronous belt, the upper end of the ball screw is connected with threads and fixed on the motor base, the motor base is installed with a servo motor B, the two sides of the motor base are connected with a guide rail slide and a linear guide rail, and at least one long pulley is installed above the servo motor B, The output shaft of servo motor B is connected with the long pulley by synchronous belt, and the flat belt is connected above the long pulley 4 and the detection items. The utility model reduces the labor intensity of the operator and meets the requirements of the paper receiving process to the greatest extent

declaration such as graphene based high-density porous carbon materials:

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