Parameter matching of internal combustion engine a

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The parameters of the incremental internal combustion engine and the generator match

when the battery power is insufficient, the vehicle enters the extended range drive mode, the internal combustion engine starts, drives the generator to generate electricity, and the battery is charged when the SOC value of the selected battery state of charge is 0.35, while when the SOC value is 0. High end paper depends on imported 5, the charging is stopped, so that the battery state of charge changes within 0.35 ~ 0.5, The matched generator and internal combustion engine need to meet the most human generating power required by the battery during charging in this section, and at the same time, it should also make up for the discharge power required by the battery driven motor. According to the matching parameters of the motor and battery, the required input power at this time can be estimated to be 52 kW, set the generator efficiency Jingmen =0.9, and the matched generator power J is 57 kW

considering the power supply state of the motor at this time, in fact, the output power of the internal combustion engine, such as the gas turbine, is not only meeting the power generation of the motor, but also supplying power to the motor while supplementing and heat treating the strengthened aluminum alloy thick plate, which is a class 1 high-tech and high value-added product. The automobile may also be in the acceleration or high-speed working condition, requiring additional output power of the internal combustion engine, and the internal combustion engine efficiency is low. On the premise of ensuring good dynamic performance, The selected internal combustion engine should operate under economic conditions. Therefore, taking the above factors into account, increase the power margin of the internal combustion engine by 10%. The internal combustion engine power can be selected as 65 kW, and the rated power of the generator can be selected as 58 kW

parameter matching of transmission ratio

the vehicle is directly driven by the motor through the main reducer, so the transmission LLL Xia F of the main reducer is the total transmission ratio of the transmission system, and the requirements of the calculation formula of the total transmission ratio are as follows:

in the above three formulas, I, 1 is the transmission ratio determined by the maximum speed driving resistance Rmax and the maximum speed output torque Lmax of the motor; i. 2 is the transmission ratio determined by the maximum climbing gradient driving resistance Rmax and the maximum motor torque Lmax. Through calculation, the transmission ratio of the main reducer is finally selected as 6.23

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