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Parameters and applications of sta motorized spindle/tuner

the following is the head of my company's manipulator, which is a product composed of 16 rods similar to super large sewing spool. Many friends want to know and understand his parameters. Today I sorted him out for your reference

sta motorized spindle/high frequency spindle

1 The motorized spindle is a high-speed rotating device that increases the usual Hz to hundreds to thousands of Hz through the frequency converter to achieve tens to hundreds of thousands of speeds It consists of main shaft, motor (stator + rotor), ceramic (or metal steel) bearing ball bearing, spring preloading system, cooling system, controller unit power drawbar unit gripper system, positioning sensor, housing, and other components

2. According to the different replacement methods of its tools (drill bits, etc.), the high-frequency head/motorized spindle is divided into manual type (using manual

tool chane Er/SK collet mode) and automatic type (using automatic tool chane HSK

/BT/ISO tool holder mode)

3. ㈜ sta is the largest brand in South Korea in this field. Through 15 years of continuous research and technological development, it has accumulated rich experience and know-how

4. ㈜ on the 10th, the price of steel billets across the country was weak, and the high frequency of sta took the stress when producing a limited amount of plastic strain as the condition. The yield strength rate head/spindle quality was superior to similar products made in Europe. At the same time, the price advantage, delivery time, and rapid and rapid service enjoyed high praise in South Korea At present, it has basically replaced European imported brands in South Korea, and is actively exploring the markets in Europe, America, Japan, China and Taiwan

5. As the core part of the machine tool, ㈜ sta's tuner/spindle can improve the quality of the machine tool

6. ㈜ sta's high-frequency head/spindle is based on excellent structural design in the production process. All links are operated in a strictly controlled environment (dust-free/constant temperature/constant humidity). The product achieves higher speed, ultra precision

low vibration, low noise, less heating, stable, semi permanent performance

7. ㈜ the application range of sta's high-frequency head/motorized spindle is as follows:

1) machine tool machining center: metal cutting, Machining inner diameter grinding processing

2) high speed engraving machine (high speed engraving m/c): various engraving machines (CNC engraving machine, 3D engraving machine, mobile phone window engraving machine - materials include acrylic, acrylic +pc, glass, etc.)

3) multi axis high-speed CNC processing machine: milling machine -milli was purchased in large quantities due to the large-scale construction of China's high-speed railway, grinding machine, drilling machine -drilling, Polishing machine - polishing m/c

4) hand board processing machine: material ABS and plastic series, aluminum, etc.

5) CNC router

6) nameplate processing machine

7) acrylic, plastic, various metal surface processing equipment

8) small grinding, precision mechanical parts grinding

9) PCB drilling routing hole processing

10) processing of glass and ceramics: glass edge grinding, Lens surface polishing

11) LCD light guide plate processing

12) woodworking machinery

13) semiconductor front/rear engineering equipment, FA system, robot

14) various experimental equipment


in addition, this product is used in many industrial fields

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