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Parameters and models of small straight thread threading machine tool

parameters and models of small straight thread threading machine tool

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building science and technology innovation enterprises, with the help of the high-quality development forum platform, carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges around new theories and experiences in related fields, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, The theoretical research tensile testing machine, which promotes the new kinetic energy of construction in China, is greatly influenced by the research and technological innovation in design, manufacture, installation and use. Main uses and characteristics of bolt threading machine: 1. This machine tool is a chip free processing equipment, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, easy operation, saving raw materials, stable quality and so on. It uses hydraulic technology to send the end parts such as round steel into the special mold, and then cut the thread to form. The steel density of the cutting part can be greatly improved, so as to improve the tensile strength of the material. 2. High production efficiency: the root workpiece can be cut every minute, which is times higher than the peeling efficiency of the lathe. Fast and efficient, Richard Northcote is very suitable for mass production. 3. High product quality: the workpiece after cutting the thread has a sub molding that can change the size of the block by changing the monomer composition and different monomers of the high molecular chain. The thread si0.18 is clear, and the independent adjustable cooling and lubrication system is quite effective in improving the thread finish and prolonging the service life of the die. For screws with different diameters, the flow of the cooling and lubrication system is very convenient

Xingtai Ruijie threading machine manufacturer is a professional manufacturer integrating professional production and sales. The models of small straight thread threading machine tools are s8139 threading machine, s8148 threading machine, ts64 threading machine, ts80 threading machine and other threading equipment. In addition, manufacturers can customize various types of threading machines and tangent pressing heads. Therefore, in the production process of mechanical manufacturing, Ruijie threading machine manufacturers have very strict requirements on the quality of mechanical parts, because the quality of mechanical parts directly affects the quality of mechanical products, and the machining accuracy of mechanical parts can reflect the quality of mechanical products to a certain extent. Generally, the higher the machining accuracy of mechanical products, the higher the production cost of mechanical products, This leads to the reduction of the production efficiency of mechanical products. Therefore, reasonable parts processing accuracy is very important. On the basis of ensuring processing accuracy, improve the production efficiency of mechanical products and reduce production costs. In the processing of mechanical products, there is a complete production process system composed of machine tools, fixtures, workpieces, etc. Ruijie series threading machines have many models, and the above picture is only one of them. If you need to know more about threading machines, you can contact the manufacturer, and the manufacturer can customize the model suitable for customers' products according to customers

parameters of small straight thread threading machine tool:

cutting thread * diameter:

metric thread 48 mm

pipe thread 1 inch 4 minutes

cutting thread * small diameter:

metric thread 10 mm

pipe thread 1/4 inch

diameter range of workpiece clamped by mouth tongs

cutting thread * length 300 mm

spindle speed range (Level 6) RPM

main motor power 4kw

machine tool shape 1570mm 610mm 1150

machine weight 1t

Random accessories, a combination wrench, a pair of tangent flat teeth,

small straight thread threading machine tool adopts adjustable cooling and lubrication system, and the coolant flow can be adjusted arbitrarily. The round steel threading machine is clamped by the processed workpiece on the matching pliers of the support, and then the handwheel is moved, and the thread will automatically pull the workpiece to cut the thread. The length of the cutting thread is controlled by the connecting rod with a retaining iron installed in the bed. The thread cutting head will be automatically disengaged by the connecting rod transmission. The spindle has the advantages of each pole speed, high flexibility, convenient adjustment, stable performance and so on. It is mainly applicable to the mass production of steel pipe factories, mining bureaus, construction, bridges, railways, electric power and other related enterprises. Its advantages lie in high accuracy, high productivity and advanced technology

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