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Shandong Province has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of the paper industry and gradually established a new model for the development of the paper industry that saves production and produces cleaner products; Phase out backward production capacity of 1-1.5 million tons; By 2010, the total discharge of papermaking wastewater and the total discharge of pollutant COD in the province will be controlled below 360million tons and 120000 tons, down 20% and 18.36% respectively compared with 2006. A new development model of papermaking industry with production saving and cleaner production will be gradually established

opinions require that we speed up structural adjustment and eliminate backward production capacity. Strictly control the total production of wheat straw pulp. If the original shape description is more and more combined, no new straw pulp projects will be built, and the proportion of wood pulp will be gradually increased. Effectively improve the recovery and utilization rate of waste paper, and gradually form a papermaking raw material structure dominated by wood fiber and waste paper, supplemented by non wood fiber; Vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection technologies such as chemical additives, efficient wastewater treatment and solid waste recycling and treatment, and promote the application of advanced processes, technologies and equipment, so that the unit consumption of products and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value rank first in China or close to the international advanced level

the opinions emphasize that the approval of new pulping and papermaking projects in the 30 years of reform and opening up should be strictly controlled in the process of market economic development. All new projects must comply with the national paper industry development policy, strict project approval procedures, highlight the initial scale, and reflect economies of scale. The COD emission, water intake and comprehensive energy consumption per ton of products of the new project will fall by US $0.013/ton (15180000 tons); The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is 4.350 US dollars/ton, reaching the advanced level. We should encourage the comprehensive utilization of the three wastes of papermaking, study and promote advanced technology and experience, and create conditions for the papermaking industry to comprehensively realize circular economy. Give full play to the guiding and incentive role of special financial funds, promote the construction of technological innovation system, overcome a number of key and common technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction, and accelerate the transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction technologies. Formulate and implement water quotas and energy consumption standards for the paper industry, implement the policy of saving awards and exceeding fines, and improve the efficiency of resource utilization

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