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According to the news on April 11, Shanda literature announced the establishment of a screenwriter company today. Drawing on the dramatic creation mode of American dramas with the substantial expansion of power battery capacity, it implemented a studio system for signed screenwriters, and initially invested 1billion yuan in a fund to invest and shoot screenplays in the form of main investment or follow-up investment

Qiu Wenyou, President of Shanda group, announced that he would set up a fund with a capital scale of 1billion to help the screenwriter company carry out business. The 1billion fund will be mainly used in the following channels: for works signed by screenwriters, the fund will invest and shoot in the way of main investment or follow-up investment; Provide life and creative security for signed screenwriters, including the implementation of a salary system, monthly payment, and various social insurance

in addition, the fund will also learn from the creative mode of American screenwriters, implement the studio system for signed screenwriters, provide domestic and foreign training services for excellent studios, and directly study and communicate face-to-face with domestic and Hollywood first-class screenwriters and directors. In addition to the remuneration within the scope of screenwriting, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control, the signed screenwriter will also get a share from the income of film and television works after they enter the market from the perspective of material mechanics

houxiaoqiang, CEO of Shanda literature, revealed that Shanda literature has conducted exchanges and discussions with a number of professional institutions and experts, and has initially formed a complete screenwriter training and brokerage mechanism. For the signed screenwriters, the screenwriting company will introduce the tutorial system and provide them with three-dimensional training of Art + technology + modern industrial process. The learning object of docking in China is the screenwriter tutor hired by the screenwriter company. In foreign countries, the screenwriter company will vigorously promote the contract writers to contact with world-class screenwriters and directors, and broaden the creative vision of new screenwriters

it is understood that the screenwriter company will carry out its business in the studio system, form a professional division of labor and cooperation within, form a benign competition between studios, and make common progress in helping, comparing, and learning. It will also give full play to the traditional advantages of Internet enterprises, introduce the concept of product research and development, fully grasp the market demand, provide personalized customization needs for film and television companies, and create targeted scripts

Shanda literary screenwriter company also signed a letter of intent for film and television script customization with representatives of Chinese and foreign film and television production agencies, including the "Red Sorghum" crew. Shanda literary screenwriter company will give priority to providing high-quality film and television adaptation mother books and mature drama works to the cooperative company

houxiaoqiang, CEO of Shanda literature, previously said in an interview with techweb that the development of Shanda literature will be planned from three aspects this year, including platform upgrade, resource 1, temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃) aggregation, and industrial chain layout. Among them, it wants to make many layouts in the whole industrial chain: create large-scale income in the wireless field, extend its business to offline, set up a screenwriter company, and prepare a screenwriter, sound actor, and cartoonist support plan to expand the value of literary works and writers

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