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Shandong Century Sunshine Paper: concentrate on the main industry, expand production capacity and promote development

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core tip: [China Packaging News] after years of hard work, Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co., Ltd. has many products, and its sales volume ranks "first" in the domestic market. The failures of the white coating experimental machine are common in oil hole blockage, belt looseness, oil viscosity, whether there is oil leakage, whether the oil volume is sufficient, etc.

[China Packaging News] after years of hard work, Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group has many products that must be sealed in the process of work, and its sales volume ranks "first" in the domestic market. In the production workshop of coated white faced Kraft linerboard, employees are working overtime to catch up with orders from major domestic customers. Huanglejun, deputy general manager of Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co., Ltd., said: "This year, the production capacity is 400000 tons, the sales are 400000 tons, and the production and sales are balanced. This is due to our relatively early research and development of products and strict requirements on product quality, so the market share is relatively high. In addition, we have strengthened cooperation with several major customers Nanjing Julong, which raised 432million yuan in this IPO plan, including dairy factories such as Mengniu and Yili, as well as Tsingtao beer.

from 2009, sunshine paper will have a bright future Moving with the market, the company launched the production line of coated white faced Kraft linerboard. In order to maintain a long-term competitive advantage in the market, the company made great efforts in new product research and development and quality control from the beginning. It is these "two key measures" that enable sunshine paper, the main industry, to continue to release development dividends. Huang lejun said, "our product is a high-end product with great potential for future development. Now many factories imitate us, but we have applied for a patent."

in recent years, the growth rate of China's paper industry has slowed down, but due to the increased downstream demand for corrugated base paper, especially due to the rapid development of e-commerce purchase and express industry, it still maintains a good growth trend, with an average annual growth rate of about 5%. While consolidating the main industry of coated white faced Kraft linerboard production and ranking first in China, sunshine paper has launched a new 800000 ton high-grade corrugated paper project, striving to "recreate new advantages" outside the main industry. Zhang Ning, capital construction director of Shandong Huamai paper 800000 ton high-grade corrugated paper project, said: "at present, 70% of the work has been completed in a production line of this project, and 70% of the work has been completed in supporting workshops, including finished product warehouse, machine repair workshop and raw material workshop." Compared with the future development of sunshine paper industry, the corrugated base paper project is of great significance. It can not only reduce the dependence of enterprises on external raw materials and reduce production costs, but also reduce customer costs and enhance the core competitiveness of products by virtue of high-strength, low gram weight and other product characteristics. Zhang Ning said, "the high-end corrugated paper project has purchased two German paper production lines with a paper machine speed of 1250 M/min. after the completion of this project, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 5billion yuan, profits and taxes of 500million yuan, and provide 500 jobs."

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