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This year's shale gas production is expected to be 200million cubic meters, which is difficult to achieve the goal of the 12th Five Year Plan

China's steel billet market rose and fell on the 26th. Now, the shale gas production in 2012 was 25million cubic meters. If this year is good, it is estimated to reach 200million cubic meters. Bao Shujing, director of the shale gas Office of the oil and gas resources survey center of the China Geological Survey, Ministry of land and resources, said at the second China International Shale Gas Conference on September 10

according to the data of the oil and gas resources investigation center of the Geological Survey Bureau, by the end of 2012, the Ministry of land and resources, local governments, oil and gas companies and others had completed a total of 129 shale gas drilling, including 46 investigation wells (vertical wells), 55 exploration wells (vertical wells), and 28 evaluation wells (horizontal wells). After hydraulic fracturing and testing, the daily output of 23 wells (including 15 vertical wells and 8 horizontal wells) exceeded 10000 cubic meters, There are 8 wells with a daily output of more than 100000 m3 (including 4 vertical wells and 4 horizontal wells), 4 of which are subject to pilot production, and the output in 2012 is about 25million m3

among them, two national demonstration areas of PetroChina, Sinopec Sichuan Basin, Eastern rift basin and other blocks, as well as Yanchang Formation of Ordos continental Triassic of Yanchang group, have made important progress

according to Bao Shujing, among the two national demonstration zones built by PetroChina, 16 wells have been drilled and 12 wells have been fractured and gas tested in Changning Weiyuan national shale gas demonstration zone, with a daily output of 0 30000 m3, and the daily output of horizontal wells is 10000 m3. Among them, the daily output of well Ning 201-h1 is 150000 m3, and that of well Yang 201-h2 in Fushun Yongchuan block is 430000 m3

another demonstration area, Yunnan Zhaotong national shale gas demonstration area, has completed drilling of 7 wells and fracturing and gas testing of 2 wells, with a daily output of 25000 cubic meters for vertical wells and 15000 to 36000 cubic meters for horizontal wells

Sinopec keeps pace with PetroChina. According to Bao Shujing, Sinopec has made breakthroughs in continental exploration in Sichuan Basin (Jiannan and Yuanyuan have the characteristics of openness, service, neutrality and industry foresight, and many wells in Ziliu well group in Ba and Fuling block have seen high-yield gas flow); Breakthroughs have been made in marine facies in Sichuan Basin (the daily output of Jiaoye 1hf well and Yuanba 21 well in Fuling and Pengshui Silurian Longmaxi formation is 203000 m3 and 503000 m3 respectively)

at the same time, the Paleogene in the eastern rift basin has made a breakthrough (He3 member of Biyang depression), the Paleozoic marine in the South (Lower Cambrian in Huangping block) has made progress, and the Permian in Xiangzhong block of southern marine continental transitional facies and the continental in Xujiahe formation of Upper Triassic in Western Sichuan have made progress

in addition, Yanchang group completed drilling 24 shale gas wells in Yanchang Formation of continental Triassic in Ordos. Including: 19 vertical wells; 3 cluster wells; 2 horizontal wells. 14 shale gas fracturing wells have been completed. Among them: 13 straight well fracturing wells; There is one staged fracturing well in the horizontal well, led by Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council, and shale gas flow is seen in all wells. The daily output of Liuping 177 well and xin57 well in Ganquan block is 2350 m3 and 2413 m3 respectively

although shale gas production is expected to reach 200million cubic meters this year, many well-known people in the industry expressed concern that China's shale gas production will reach 6.5 billion cubic meters by 2015 in the 12th Five Year Plan. A participant said that the determination of China's planning objectives should proceed from reality

At the meeting, Bao Shujing analyzed the conditions and development of shale gas in China and the United States. He believed that the rapid development of shale gas development in the United States is step by step. China should not be too anxious. I think we should lay a good foundation and accumulate

talking about the shortcomings of China's shale gas exploration and development technology, Bao Shujing said: the core of the 5353 km production mileage problem is not the technology itself, but the combination of technology and (Geological) characteristics

the main problems faced by shale gas exploration and development in China are lagging basic research, technology acclimatization, insufficient environmental attention and weak policy support. It is suggested that we should strengthen investigation and evaluation and basic research, promote and support the research and development of key technologies, moderately open the market, strictly regulate management, issue preferential policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and establish a coordination and linkage mechanism, Bao Shujing said

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