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Green mosquito repellent incense blank roller press blank discharge travel mechanism design

structure of differential blank roller press

structure of blank roller press, mainly composed of frame, reducer, chain, upper scraper, lower scraper, wallboard, upper gear, lower gear, upper pressure roller, lower pressure roller, self-aligning bearing, adjusting nut, sprocket, etc

the reducer drives the sprocket, chain, and the lower pressure roll to rotate. The lower gear assembled on the lower pressure roll and the meshed upper gear rotate at the same time, driving the upper pressure roll to rotate. The coarse blank from the outlet of the extruder enters between the two pressing rollers of the blank roller press and presses the blank with a thickness of about 3mm, and then it is sent to the stamping machine by the conveyor belt for the punching of the incense blank. The upper and lower scrapers are installed in the oblique cutting direction of the two pressing rollers at the discharge end of the blank roller press, and the upper scrapers peel off when the discharge moves along the upper roller; The discharge is stripped by the lower scraper when it travels along the lower roll. The thickness of the discharge can be slightly adjusted by adjusting the nut

3 control of blank walking

through observation and test, it is known that in order to prevent the green mosquito repellent incense blank pressed by the two pressing rollers from breaking, the pressed blank must walk along the lower roller at the moment of discharging and then be directly sent to the stamping conveyor belt. Once the blank will grow steadily in the next few years, the upward arch shape is very easy to break, making the blank unable to operate continuously, generating waste and reducing productivity. This design adopts the method of speed difference between two rolls (that is,

the plastic granulator also causes serious environmental pollution, and the rotation speed of the lower pressure roll is slightly higher than that of the upper pressure roll), forcing the discharge to walk along the direction of the lower roll, which can directly enter the stamping conveyor belt, or be sent to the stamping conveyor belt through the stripping of the lower scraper

practice shows that the adjusted maximum spacing between the two pressure rollers is 2.8mm, and the diameter of the two pressure rollers is 190 mm. Because the circular arc gear has the advantages of high contact strength of the tooth surface, good running in performance and easy establishment of dynamic pressure oil film between the tooth surfaces, the upper and lower gears are designed to adopt circular arc gear, and the number of teeth of the lower gear is slightly less than that of the upper gear. During operation, the lower compression volume bunker roller rotates faster than the upper pressure roller. Using its speed difference, the blank can be forced to enter the stamping conveyor belt first along the direction of the lower roller and after stripping

the calculated center distance is 0.24mm less than the maximum center distance of the pressure roller. By adjusting the nut, insert a 2.8 mm plug gauge into the middle end of the two pressure rollers, lock the adjusting nut, and then pull out the plug gauge to check whether the two ends of the pressure roller are consistent. Although the meshing of the two gears after adjustment is not at the pitch circle, the contact strength of the tooth surface of the circular arc gear is high, and minor adjustment will not affect the transmission accuracy

the ideal state of the blank after pressing is to directly feed it into the stamping conveyor belt when it goes down, or peel it as soon as it touches the lower scraper when it goes down. Therefore, it is necessary to select good parameters in the design, not only to use the principle of speed difference to control the walking mode of discharging, but also to prevent the uneven compactness of mosquito repellent incense blank after rolling due to too fast downward speed, which leads to the burning of mosquito repellent incense. 2. After starting, the burning time of air machine operation is reduced. After many times of design and comparison, especially in the actual production process, the project team concluded that on the premise of ensuring productivity, the difference rate between the lower pressure roll and the upper pressure roll is 6% - 7%

4 conclusion

it has been proved to be a simple and practical technology to use the principle of the speed difference between the upper and lower pressing rollers in the green mosquito repellent incense blank roller press to realize the downward movement of the pressed blank. Under the condition of unchanged formula, it can ensure that the discharging direction is not affected by temperature and humidity, and it can walk along the lower pressing roller without billet breaking. It can operate continuously, and improve the productivity

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