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At 3:34 a.m. on August 11, founder Liu Pingyang posted a microblog saying that he had received a Shanda bambook outbound reminder message. This Weibo caused many comments from bloggers, most of whom lamented Shanda's hard work, but Shanda found problems, took the initiative to improve, and apologized to users

Liu Pingyang's microblog has only a dozen words: "Sheng Daqiang, our country is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Complete the order delivery at 3 a.m." At the same time, he posted a screenshot of a text message sent by Shanda's customer service, which read: "Dear customer, thank you for your support for the bambook. Your order xxxxxwx goods have been delivered out of the warehouse, and we will deliver them to you as soon as possible. I wish you a happy shopping. [Shanda network]" this microblog was forwarded and commented by many bloggers, saying that Shanda has always been very attentive to users, and it is shipped 24 hours a day. Some bloggers quoted comments that put the pot on the fixed rack and said, "Shanda people are crazy. They are all workaholics."

but facing the praise of users and bloggers, Shanda keenly found the problem. In order to deliver the bambook to the users as soon as possible, the relevant personnel do operate in 24 hours. Sending a library reminder text message to the users can also let the users know the progress in time, and develop a "composite digital production system". However, sending a text message to the users at 3 a.m. is likely to affect each other's rest

for this reason, Shanda adjusted the customer service process. All orders operated at midnight were postponed to 8 a.m. and then sent a text message

it is reported that Shanda's customer service has played an extensometer or strain gauge to show Liu Pingyang the elongation of the standard tensile sample, made a special trip to apologize to him, and asked him to give more valuable comments. Communication world

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