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Shaker jars make salad delicious in one step

with more and more arguments about consumers eating in restaurants, and all the focus is on lunch food (retail stores or restaurants), a similar idea from Medport seems to be a little different

fit fresh salad shaker has many functions. These functions play very well, and in practice, there will be more layers. In the process of composite extrusion, the function is also explained very well, and it is very good to use

but look at the office where you work. Is the refrigerator in your restaurant as overloaded as ours because it is full of all kinds of bentos, plastic bags and odds and ends that people put carelessly for lunch? In fact, we have been told recently that we can only take lunch for one day, because there is really no room in the refrigerator

yes, this is my working environment. When I go to and from work, I can always see many people with their insulated lunch bags or plastic shopping bags with food. This fact makes me understand that Bento culture is still active, and a company is striving to meet the needs of these consumers

multifunctional and heavy-duty utilization

in the United States, Medport has designed and made a series of reusable containers to facilitate people to bring meals every day. In order to enhance people's feeling of eating, they are not only ordinary plastic bowls or basins, but also have special functions

medport provides many convenience products of fit fresh brand, such as the one shown in the picture in this article, but so far, the salad shaker is completely different for two types of experimental samples, which is the most complex and curious product. For starters, a frozen ice pack is packed in a plastic box with a resealable lid. In the evening, put the cold bag in the refrigerator. When you leave the next morning, just put the ice bag of the needle printer of the pressure tester into the cover quickly

there are four cups for salad ingredients in the main box. The lid has an integrated seasoning dispenser (yellow screw cap in the figure). Three tablespoons of salad seasoning can be stored in the storage. Once filled, it is separated from the salad until you turn the handle on the top of the lid and open the bottom of the container, and the seasoning will fall into the box with the green food. Then, shake the container up and down and eat

Oh, yes, it's ready to eat. The knife and fork is installed in the independent space on the top of the cover, and the middle can also be used to store an energy rod

this retail package is made of 4 Because the reason of 1 above is composed of labels, the labels clearly illustrate all the characteristics of the packaging. The main box is stuffed with a corrugated cardboard folded into a triangle, which can strengthen the brand of fit fresh through the transparent panel of the box, and pamphlets and detailed instructions are also placed inside. Finally, a thin injection molded plastic cover will protect the cover from dust and dirt in the retail supply chain

mix trends

salad shaker is one of the more and more popular products we can see in the market. It integrates two basic trends in the market and grafts convenience and health together. All fit fresh products will explain in detail how the packaging will help them control their fat and calorie intake, and there is a slogan that says the fresh idea of keeping healthy

this packaging makes me ponder how food companies can integrate the ideas obtained from this product into their own products, so as to increase the attraction of their lunch food. The first idea is convenient, which seems to be a good idea that can be thought of without thinking, but we haven't seen adding utensils to food in the United States! A napkin is also a good feature, especially for disposable food or meals

insulating a product may also be an opportunity to combine packaging functions, because consumers can easily eat frozen lunches in their workplaces. There are countless packaging design ideas in the world, but this product alone may make me stop and think: Oh! What a great package

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