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The fierce momentum of shale gas development has shaken the plastic industry.

romonst - Philip Carey, general manager of Associates LLC plastic industry consulting company, denied that the prosperity of shale gas has ended. He believed that today's truth may not be tomorrow's truth, because the development of the current situation, the roller pressing point that used to be reverse bending and positive bending could not be predicted at the same point

at present, shale gas and natural gas have fundamentally changed the view of the United States on energy consumption. It is the change of concept that promotes the development of the plastic industry and brings unprecedented business opportunities and investment trends

shale gas development in the United States is being driven by hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, which allows energy companies to open up areas that cannot be reached in the past. This will increase the supply of ethane and propane with natural gas as raw materials, which can be used as petrochemical raw materials. These new supplies will prompt petrochemical enterprises to announce large-scale expansion of ethylene and propylene monomers and polyethylene resins

"today, I'm not saying that the shale gas revolution is over. I think the most important thing is that people's perception of the world often changes," Kerry said at the plastics caps closures 2014 conference held in Rosemount. Then he summarized the ten-year development history of the plastic industry to prove his point of view and predictability

he said, "ten years ago, people thought that energy production in the United States had reached its peak, oil and natural gas prices were rising everywhere, the price of imported resin fell to the bottom, and American factories were facing closure. No one thought that investing in polymers would bring benefits."

Carrey believes that the changes in market development are not expected by people, and it is impossible to develop in full accordance with people's expectations. Any industry will guide the market according to specific laws. He repeatedly said, "the United States is not the only country that has shale oil and shale gas. It must be ahead of other countries in the world. This will be a revolutionary technological breakthrough, and the good momentum cannot be contained."

at this stage, the development of shale gas is mainly limited by infrastructure, such as pipeline laying, production site, skilled and unskilled labor shortage and a series of bottlenecks

the US energy market is isolated, and unexpected policy developments and environmental changes will affect the exploration of shale gas and shale oil. Although the shale gas and shale oil market development momentum is fierce at present, it may also be damaged by subtle environmental changes. Even political regulation or parliamentary competition may change the current development situation of the industry

Kerry said, "what I emphasize is that the shale gas revolution is not over yet, and the development of the plastic industry continues. Although the shale gas industry is extremely risky and has undergone great changes, the U.S. oil and gas industry, because of its advantages in hydraulic fracturing, has attracted the attention of the world, and at the same time, it also puts U.S. polymer producers in a very favorable position."

by 2020, not only the progress of the plastic industry itself, but also the unprecedented expansion of the plastic additives industry. Shale energy development will add nearly 15000 plastic jobs to the United States. At the same time, the industry will bring nearly $1.3 billion in added value to GDP, and the new labor income will reach $868million

according to the speculation of all parties in the industry, China will become the second largest country in the world after North America to reduce the cost of plastics by using shale gas serialized high-performance powder metallurgy product storage. However, shale gas exploration in China is still in its infancy. When will the shale gas era come? It is still an unknown number

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