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Shale gas industry welcomes market-oriented opportunities

the decision of the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of comprehensively deepening reform adopted at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to make the market play a decisive role in resource allocation and speed up the construction of ecological civilization system. Industry analysts believe that the shale gas industry is expected to obtain new development opportunities

the key to the development of shale gas industry is market-oriented construction, and innovative incentive policies are very important. Therefore, the financial support policy, which is regarded as an important support measure, should also conform to the situation, reflect innovation, and truly give play to the guiding role of market mechanism in the development of shale gas industry, including GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And so on. Industry experts said

liberalizing the market is more effective than subsidies

the core of market economy is price. The key to the marketization of the energy industry is to straighten out the price system, find prices through market competition, and guide enterprise investment and social consumption through prices. The role of the government is to establish fair and just market rules and supervise their implementation to make up for market failure. Xu Xiaodong, a special researcher of the Counselor Office of the State Council, said

Liu Yijun, a professor at the school of Business Administration of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), also expressed the same view. Industry depends on the market. A market-based approach is more efficient than subsidies

insiders believe that the development of shale gas should draw lessons from the conventional oil and gas industry. Shale gas can be used as a pilot for the market-oriented reform of the oil and gas industry, and the substantive opening-up policy should be implemented nationwide as soon as possible, so that all kinds of capital can compete fairly. Renhaoning, a researcher in the energy industry of CIC, said

subsidy dispute

shale gas exploration and development faces challenges in terms of large investment, high cost, long construction cycle and difficult short-term income, and insufficient core technology. Although the state has given a series of fiscal and tax preferential policies, it still does not play an obvious incentive role for upstream exploration and development enterprises. Said Dr. Qin Hailin of saidI think tank Institute of Finance and economics

at the same time, the fiscal expenditure management system and the fund utilization efficiency evaluation mechanism supporting the development of strategic emerging industries have not been fully established, and the actual implementation effect of fiscal policy is difficult to evaluate. According to the interviewed experts, according to the shale gas development and utilization subsidy policy, shale gas production enterprises will be directly subsidized according to the shale gas development and utilization volume. In 20154, the preliminary alignment of the main body: 0.4 yuan per cubic meter can be subsidized at two different positions in the vertical and horizontal of the two columns before last year. However, there is no difference between shale gas and conventional natural gas after it enters the pipeline. In fact, there are still difficulties in how to measure the output of shale gas when subsidizing gas volume

policies should be formulated according to the characteristics of shale gas in different development stages. At present, policy preferences and subsidies should be given in the exploration and development stage to attract investment. Yang Guang, deputy director of the management modernization research center of Inner Mongolia University of technology, and others believe that subsidies should be more scientific and effective

Xu Xiaodong and others believe that excessive use of financial subsidies is not conducive to improving the market mechanism and should be used with caution. Even if subsidies are given, the link should also be on the consumer side rather than the supply side. For enterprises and institutions with the purpose of making profits, subsidies or financial support should be conditional. National finance should only support basic theoretical research. Shale gas is inherently risky exploration, and capital sinking is normal. Since we want to play 5) the decisive role of clamping the end of sample 1 into the upper jaw Market in resource allocation, we might as well introduce foreign capital and technology to see whether it is OK without subsidies. Xu Xiaodong said

institutional innovation encourages development

in this case, experts believe that institutional innovation should be used to stimulate the development of shale gas. For example, strictly implement the mining rights system through legislation and gradually introduce the mining rights trading market. Subsidies should be based on the principle of phased achievement incentives, establish identifiable measurement and testing standards, and control the scope and intensity of subsidies

it is necessary to establish a strict intellectual property protection system for shale gas technological innovation to ensure that innovators receive due commercial returns. Liu Yijun said

the government can set up special funds for shale gas basic research and key technology research, or deduct income tax with scientific and technological R & D expenses. Qin Hailin suggested that the establishment of a guidance fund could be considered, through the combination of direct government participation and other fiscal and tax support policies, with the market as the main and the government as the auxiliary, to encourage social funds to invest in the shale gas industry. In this way, the market mechanism can truly guide investment in shale gas

Qin Hailin pointed out that fiscal and tax policies should encourage the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and venture capital enterprises. At the same time, a perfect market exit mechanism is the key for venture capital to participate in shale gas projects

in addition, a strict, open and transparent supervision mechanism with a third-party supervision system should also be established and implemented as soon as possible. Relying on government supervision alone is difficult to ensure the healthy development of the industry, and the public should enjoy a high degree of right to know. Punishment for violations of laws and regulations should also be timely and severe. Ren Haoning said

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