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Shandong Changlin group has opened the era of "high-end agricultural machinery customization"

Shandong Changlin group has opened the era of "high-end agricultural machinery customization"

but in many cases, in order to adapt to the new situation of the development of large-scale agriculture in China and meet the personalized needs of new business entities, Shandong Changlin group has actively researched, developed and produced high-end intelligent agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery, and implemented agricultural machinery Efficient integration of Agronomy and reasonable matching between machinery to realize the mechanization of the whole process of "seed (seed), fertilizer, medicine, tillage, raking, seed, harvest, management, addition and storage"

at the same time, relying on the mechanization of the whole process, such as the dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, foreign advanced agricultural IOT and modern agricultural information management technology are introduced to provide agricultural machinery intelligent monitoring and agricultural information management solutions. At the same time, we should actively find ways and paths to "realize the modernization of agriculture and improve the effectiveness of management in all sectors". The model of xiaomengshan high-end intelligent agricultural equipment demonstration base in Linshu county with the goal of "IOT + whole process agricultural mechanization" is under construction. Through a series of beneficial explorations, Shandong Changlin group hopes to do its part in promoting the integration of "agricultural modernization 6: modernization of Canada and new urbanization" and urban-rural integration

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