Brampton families given 2 months to find alternate

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Brampton families given 2 months to find alternate care for loved ones with complex needs | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

On Jan.?8, 2013, Harjinder Sharma came home from work feeling tired. He ate a bowl of lentil soup and went to bed.

That was the last meal Sharma, then 43, fed himself.?Several hours later he woke up gasping for airs parents. He’d gone into cardiac arrest. He suffered serious brain damage due to a lack of oxygenThe House of Commons. Doctors told the family he’d require round the clock care for the rest of his life.?

“His condition is he’s aware — he recognizes me and my son. When we tell him something, he reacts accordingly. But he can’t speak,” said Sangita Sharma, his wife.

From October 2013 until he was moved to another facility last December, Sharma’s husband?was?a resident in the complex continuing care (CCC) ward at Brampton Civic hospital.? He has no mobility, a tracheostomy to breathe and a gastrostomy feeding tube. His wife — who lives five?kilometres from the hospital — was able to visit:1620041926748,?him daily to provide the additional day-to-day care he needed.

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