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Shantui: human resource management helps enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. Especially in the era of knowledge economy with rapid development, human resources are related to the direction and pulse of enterprise development. Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbr....

among many enterprise capabilities, such as scientific research capability, production capability, marketing capability, capital capability, etc., personnel capability plays a fundamental and key role. Especially in today's era of rapidly developing knowledge economy, human resources are related to the "direction" and "pulse" of enterprise development. Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shantui) As a national large-scale first-class backbone enterprise producing construction machinery series products and parts in China, talent strategy has always been an important part of its development strategy. In recent years, Shantui Co., Ltd. has "absorbed and developed talents" through various channels to "know and make good use of people and give full play to their talents", giving full play to the maximum efficiency of human resource management. The production and sales volume of the company's main product bulldozer has ranked first in the country for six consecutive years, and the diversified development of products has also taken a solid step. As early as 2010, it has achieved a sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan. Shantui's talent strategy provides a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for enterprise development. From "personnel management" to "human ability management" -- human resources have achieved leapfrog development

by the end of 2011, all departments and offices of Shantui were in full swing. When they came to the training section of the human resources department, the employees here were busy preparing a set of training demand analysis and training content settings for all employees in 2012. From the general manager to ordinary employees, from the management post to the technical post, almost every employee has been arranged with different levels of training. The head of the human resources department told them that the past two years were the busiest for them. From the induction training of new employees to the training of middle-level cadres, from regular training to irregular training, batch after batch of training never stopped. "The company conducts off-duty training several times a year according to the actual needs of our posts. It can be said that we can learn from what we do and make up for what we lack, which has greatly improved our business level and post working ability. A few days ago, I just returned from off-duty training in other places and received all-round training from many sectors such as culture, ability and quality improvement." One employee said so

according to the introduction, the company has achieved the goal of scientific training and effective training by establishing a perfect post capability mode, forming a complete training mechanism. The training center has become the "mother's home" of all departments and offices unconsciously. All departments and offices "go home" to have a look when they have something to do. It has strengthened the communication and exchange between departments and promoted the improvement of training needs and contents

in recent years, Shantui has been committed to improving the level of human resource management, exploring the transformation from traditional personnel management to human resource management. Through cooperation with domestic and foreign consulting companies, universities and training institutions, it has made remarkable achievements in the establishment of post capacity model, talent introduction, use, training, human resource information construction, etc., effectively improving the level of human resource management. "Training is an important part of Shantui's human ability management. Years of management experience tell us a fact: an enterprise's demand for personnel is actually a demand for personnel ability. The effective operation of an enterprise requires the allocation and matching of various abilities, including personnel ability. It can be said that to do a good job in the management of personnel ability, that is, people come down to the following points: being able to manage is the greatest potential and effectiveness of the human resource management department The way we can. " Sunzhike, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Shantui shares, said the true meaning of Shantui's human resource management. "The company's" Internship System "and" double selection system "have enabled me to find a suitable and favorite position and a platform to fully display my talents." Xiao Song, an employee of chassis business department, told me

Xiao Song was a graduate student recruited by Shantui from Beijing University of technology through campus recruitment in 2010. After several months' internship, he found that he was interested in the chassis field, so he applied to the company for admission to the division. After the division and employees made two-way choices, Xiao Song became a regular employee of the chassis division. At present, he has completed several projects of the division independently and made outstanding contributions to the development of the company

the company has many employees like Xiao Song. In the process of changing from traditional personnel management to human ability management, Shantui has continuously innovated the management mode. Through the quarterly innovation assessment of the Department and the reasonable setting of the "tutor system", Shantui has given full play to the "subjective initiative of employees", promoted the exchange and communication between the enterprise and employees, and promoted the sound and rapid development of the enterprise. "Platform is more important than salary" -- the unique corporate culture has attracted talents from all over the world, and those who go to the roller coaster will certainly be impressed by its "grateful home". Although it is a home, it is actually just a wall, which is covered with hard paper in the shape of pebbles, which is filled with dense words. They are all from the heart of the employees. Zhenghongliang, assistant general manager of Shantui Co., Ltd. and director of information technology, said: "Chinese people are not used to emotional expression. Most of the time, they prefer to be buried in their hearts rather than speak out. Therefore, we have made this wall. Everyone can write their gratitude to others and the company on paper and paste it on the wall. In this way, everyone lives in a deep family relationship, and will be more concerned about colleagues and enterprise development.". Although the "Thanksgiving home" has only two square meters of walls, it presents a microcosm of corporate culture management

as an enterprise rooted in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, Shantui is an enterprise that attaches great importance to cultural management. Walking all the way from the cultural corridor to the offices of the headquarters, you will be inadvertently attracted and moved by the pictures, signs and prompts around you. "Especially since it became the owned subsidiary of Shandong heavy industry group, the passion culture of the group and the Confucian Merchant Culture, gratitude culture and inclusive culture of Shantui have formed a unique corporate culture of Shantui according to a survey of relevant human resources stations." The person in charge of the corporate culture Department of Shantui Co., Ltd. said. As described by the employees of Shantui, "here, we work happily and live a carefree life", "here, we find the warmth of home", "here, we can give full play to our potential to monitor the pressure test suspension of the control system with optional parameters for leakage without fear". "What attracted me most about Shantui at that time was its corporate culture and style of doing things. I thought I could do something I wanted to do here." Zhenghongliang said so

over the years, Shantui has attracted a number of excellent talents from the top 500 enterprises at home and abroad. They have played an important role in scientific research and development, marketing, enterprise management and other positions. Zhenghongliang is one of them. He has worked in top 500 companies such as Ford and caterpillar, and has made great achievements in cost management and project management. In 2010, he came to Shantui with his family from the United States after the "three visits" of the relevant person in charge of Shantui, which has injected an irreplaceable force into the informatization construction of Shantui. At present, he has become the first specially appointed Taishan scholar of Shantui. "We are touched by the cultural environment of Jining, the talent policy of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and the character of Shantui people. There is a cultural soil for bringing together talents from all sides. We should do something for the motherland, Jining and Shantui in this land of outstanding people." Zhenghongliang said

based on the profound and harmonious cultural atmosphere of Shantui, the enterprise has introduced more than 40 high-end talents at home and abroad in the past two years. At the same time, thousands of undergraduate and master students have also joined the "big family" of Shantui, injecting "fresh blood" into the development of the enterprise

"this is our ERP battle center, where every day's work is visually exposed. Red, green and yellow represent different situations of work completion. Red represents... Yellow represents... Green represents... We have introduced foreign project management mode. Every employee here is a leader, and every leader is a resource to serve employees." Zhenghongliang said

now, the team led by zhenghongliang is "speeding up" the informatization construction of the enterprise. In fact, what he brings is not only a technology, but also a way of thinking, an idea and a culture. Only in such a tolerant and grateful cultural soil as Shantui can it really blossom and bear fruit and turn into the "source power" of enterprise development

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