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No career development can be indomitable, especially during the economic downturn, with the rapid changes in shopping malls, companies have to accept pressure from all over the world. At that time, the door and window industry was in a troubled time, and the reshuffle was intensifying. The company's development encountered "stumbling blocks" again and again. As the saying goes, no rainbow can be seen without experiencing wind and rain. It is also a way for door and window companies to eradicate the "pain points" on the way of development

pain point 1: investment attraction increases in the face of bottlenecks

in the past two years, with the depression of shopping malls, it is difficult to ensure the "survival rate" of opening stores. If a batch of stores is opened, it is not a merit for door and window companies. Now, the door and window companies are facing the transformation from a single investment promotion service provider. Insiders pointed out that once the inspection of investment promotion personnel only looked at opening stores, now we should not only check and open stores, but also strengthen the service to dealers, and we can't just "open stores" but not "maintain stores". This practice has learning implications for careers. At the exhibition, most door and window companies love "hunger marketing" and even "hijacking marketing". At the exhibition, the guests were pulled down to watch the goods in the factory, "delicious and drinkable", and an excellent dealer sharing conference with the function of "brainwashing" was held. Gifts and Raffles were given to the dealers to sign orders and then open the store. This has long been a secret exposed by the industry

but this kind of trick inevitably appears to be too "utilitarian". When window companies want to open stores in new shopping malls, what they need is to find suitable dealers. Some people jokingly call it "looking for objects". During this period, it is particularly important for dealers to understand goods and factory brand ideas. Especially in the past two years, business has become more and more difficult to do, opening new stores has become more and more difficult to survive, and window companies should be more stable. Relying on investment attraction to pursue increase, we must transform according to the demand

pain point 2: high inventory is "stuck"

in addition to the "pain point" of investment promotion, high inventory is also as daunting as a "chronic disease". Someone said, "many companies are not starved to death without business, but when business is good, they work hard to make inventory and finally die." High inventory has now become a major "symptom" of the door and window industry, and even because the high inventory is difficult to digest, there are now a number of companies specializing in buying factory inventory. These "loopholes" companies usually buy inventory at a discount of 20% or 30% from the factory to make a profit

as for the inventory problem, insiders have shown that if the production cycle of the factory is too long, inventory will simply occur, and controlling the production cycle = controlling inventory. Originally, the problem of professional inventory of doors and windows began to appear from the previous year. Most door and window companies had to sell their inventory goods at a low price to alleviate the serious problem of the capital chain. From the previous year to now, a number of factories closed due to the cracking of the capital chain have been gradually toppled. It can be seen that dealing with inventory problems has been "burning"

pain point 3: single brand operation, such as "single wood bridge"

people familiar with the door and window industry know that large corporate groups usually operate several brands at the same time, which is undoubtedly a "single wood bridge" for a single brand. A company that operates a single brand shows that it has gradually felt that it is difficult to operate a single brand since the previous year. It used to be very philosophical to focus on commodity investment promotion by a single brand, but it was difficult to attract investment since the previous year. When participating in the exhibition, dealers will wonder why it hasn't changed much for so many years

if we continue to operate a single brand, if the annual sales volume does not exceed 3million, it is very difficult to survive. The operation of a single brand will encounter bottlenecks for 8-10 years, which is extremely bad for the future development of new product series. For a long time, if the company wants to carry out multi brand operation, it will become more and more difficult. But if it abandons the original company strategy and selects multi brand operation, it also needs courage. In previous years, multi brand helped the company expand its territory, and now multi brand is also facing great pressure

experts predict that the recession of real estate shopping malls in 2016 will further affect the home building materials industry. However, no company has been able to break through the "pain points" caused by the "turbulence" of shopping malls





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