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Decorating the wooden floor in rainy days is too humid to be paved

decoration is a big project. It is not easy to publish the design drawings and enter the substantive stage of decoration, but Mr. Zhao, a citizen, is a little worried these two days because of the endless rainy days

a friend told him that continuous rainy days were not suitable for decoration, and the house would be damp when it was built, but others said that there was no need to stop work, so it was better to slow down. The decorator is also the latter view, saying it doesn't matter, but he is still afraid of moldy new houses

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the first sentence of an expert with 18 years of home decoration experience is: "in this day, paint should not be used as much as possible, whether it is painting walls or wood, because the humidity is very heavy in rainy days, it is easy to get moldy." if you brush walls, it is not dry and paint is easy to crack. At the same time, paint will atomize in rainy days, and the surface will be muddy, unclear and unsmooth, and the color is not bright

"it's better not to lay the floor." Whether it's laying solid wood floors or composite floors, because the world is wet in the rain, the water evaporates slowly, and the glue dries slowly. In this case, paving wood floors will be prone to deformation or hollowing in the future, especially on the first floor, there will be moisture regain

"do not buy materials in rainy days, especially wood, board, gypsum board, etc. because it is easy to encounter water and get damp during transportation." Mildew spots will appear after moisture, and it is easy to crack and deform after drying, which will affect the decoration quality

in addition, when decorating in rainy days, we should also pay attention to the standardized operation of circuit transformation. It is not allowed to bury the bare wire directly in the wall or floor, and it should be equipped with insulated wire pipes with protection. Especially in places prone to rain, such as balconies, be sure to wrap the copper wire ends exposed outside the wires when they are buried, so as to prevent short circuits after the wires are damp

in general, continuous rainy days will delay the decoration period, which is certain. At this time, we can't blindly urge workers to speed up the decoration progress in order to catch up with the construction period. Appropriate shutdown is also necessary. After all, the decoration quality is the most critical




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