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With the improvement of people's living standards, many families pay great attention to environmental protection and aesthetics when purchasing furniture. Among them, beech bed is favored by everyone, because beech has clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth tone, which is heavier than ordinary hardwood, and belongs to the upper middle level in all wood hardness rankings. So what about the beech bed? Next, Xiaobian will immediately analyze the performance characteristics of beech beds and teach you how to choose beech beds

[introduction to beech bed]

beech bed is a kind of solid wood bed. Beech, produced in the south of China, is not a luxurious wood, but it is widely used in the traditional furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially in the folk. Its excellent cost performance is very popular with furniture manufacturers and consumers in recent years. At present, the raw materials for making beech beds in China are mainly beech wood from Germany. Because of its dense texture, hard wood and greater processing difficulty than cork, the consumption of German beech is relatively large. At the same time, the beech here is cut down manually from high mountains and then comes to China after more than 10000 kilometers. In the process of transportation and storage, it must be sprayed with running water 24 hours to ensure the consistent quality of beech. Therefore, every set of furniture made of German beech is extremely precious

[how about beech bed]

first of all, let's learn about the advantages of beech bed. According to Xiaobian, the biggest characteristic of beech is its high hardness. Its hard wood gives the beech bed good impact resistance, and the plasticity of beech is very high. It is easy to bend under the action of steam, and can make various shapes, and it is not easy to deform when dry. Therefore, my friends can find that the wood texture of the bed made of beech is very uniform, the texture looks very beautiful, and the tone is relatively softer and smoother. Moreover, the furniture made of beech will not add any chemical agents and substances harmful to human body. Therefore, the use of beech bed is very environmentally friendly and healthy, and consumers can use it with confidence

secondly, as we all know, modern household products tend to be simple and fashionable. The beech bed has a light and elegant wood grain color, which can give consumers a feeling closer to nature, which is just in line with the pursuit of modern consumers for naturalistic home. In addition to the advantages of wood color, texture and high hardness, the beech bed also has good load-bearing performance and compression resistance. Therefore, beech is often used in shipbuilding, construction and bridges

finally, let's take a look at the disadvantages of beech beds. As the editor said at the beginning, most of the beech raw materials in our country now come from Germany, so because of the climate difference and the increased humidity, the little friends must pay attention to maintenance in the process of use, and because each tree is different in age, the color and density of the tree are different, so the little friends will find that the color of some beech furniture will also look different, and the processing of beech is also very difficult, Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you must consider clearly when choosing

[how to buy beech bed]

Natural beech veneer has two colors: white beech and red beech. White beech is light yellow, while red beech is slightly red. Among the numerous decorative plates, red beech panel is the most used material in home decoration at present. That is because in the construction of home decoration, most of the decoration paint can only use nitrovarnish. Because the varnish itself has no color, the color of woodwork after decoration mainly depends on the color of the veneer itself. Moreover, the price of red beech is moderate, and the pattern and color can be accepted by the vast majority of people, so red beech has become the most used material in decorative plates. But will you have a headache when choosing red beech board? Let's take a look at the purchase points:

1. Check the appearance carefully. The red beech wood with good quality has clear and unified grain, without repair trace and black spots; The color is bright and the color difference is small. Red beech board has a feature in color, that is, the same texture, color is also slightly different, in the selection should pay attention to the selection of plates without too large color difference. At the same time, it should also be noted that the materials of the board core include poplar, willow eucalyptus and other different materials, and the bottom surface of the board should not be moldy, and the whole board surface should not have excessive deformation and bending

2. The beech veneer on the surface of the plate should have a certain thickness, not too thin, the seams should be neat and tight, and the veneer should not have cracking, wire picking and other phenomena

3. Pay attention to whether there is glue opening between the surface layer and the substrate. The simplest way is to pry it along the glue layer with a sharp flat blade. If the glue layer is damaged, but the wood is not damaged, it indicates that the bonding strength is relatively poor

4. We should distinguish the grade standard. According to national standards, red beech board is divided into several grades, such as excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. But in fact, AAA (first class) and AA (qualified) are usually used in the market

summary: the above Xiaobian has analyzed the performance characteristics of beech bed for you. I believe you also understand how beech bed is and whether it is good. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose and buy it




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