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For many home improvement owners who buy second-hand houses, the renovation of old houses is a difficult problem in front of them. It is understood that most home improvement owners do not want to spend too much on second-hand houses. So, how can we not only make full use of the space of second-hand houses, but also save money and spend no energy to change the old look? In this regard, the reporter went to many decoration companies in Leshan to consult the designers

home improvement owners

how to change the old look

"as I bought a second-hand house, I paid great attention to the requirements for construction details, such as concealed works, etc. when I was decorating, if I didn't pay attention to the construction, I left a potential safety hazard, and I couldn't regret it in the future. Now such reports in the media are endless, and I pay more attention." Mr. Ma, the home decoration owner, told reporters when talking about the decoration of second-hand houses

designer chenhuansheng also reminded many owners who are decorating second-hand houses like Mr. Ma that the renovation of walls, water and electricity, roofs and ceilings in the house is the easiest to be ignored when building rooms. We must invite regular professional home decoration designers to consider the house professionally to see whether there are obvious cracks on the wall, whether the ground is flat, etc. if there are defects in these details, we should repair them in time, and then take corresponding decoration measures to make further decoration

in addition, many second-hand house decoration owners also spoke of their own experience. For example, it is also a good choice to try DIY, which costs little but is very fashionable, or to buy some trendy and simple home decoration accessories online. "Isn't there a popular saying called light decoration and heavy decoration now? I not only matched many green plants in the bathroom, but also hung a hanging picture from online in my bedroom. My home doesn't look so old, but feels warm and romantic." Ms. Zhao, the home decoration owner, said happily when talking about her transformation of the home

the designer suggests that the basic decoration must be firm

as it is a second-hand house, the transformation of the basic decoration is naturally necessary. In the interview, the designer introduced that the basic decoration includes functional decoration such as wall renovation, ground treatment, and the transformation of hydropower projects. "Generally speaking, the cost of basic engineering accounts for more than 50% of the whole decoration cost. Whether consumers pay attention to it or not, this cost must be paid." Designer Mr. Li said

indeed, if the basic engineering of second-hand house decoration is not done solidly, the consequence is that it may spend more energy and cost to do the repair engineering. If you want to save money, too much extra decoration is not necessary. You can meet the basic living requirements. Some simple and practical cloth furniture and high-quality boards can also fully meet people's household needs

in fact, the key to the decoration of second-hand houses lies in being careful and paying attention to basic engineering, so as to achieve the expected results of the owners and make the second-hand houses feel like a new home




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