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"Craftsman" often means dedicated, extreme and perfect craftsmanship, so excellence has almost become the Chinese interpretation of "ingenuity". However, when we walked into Yunnan Guizhou office furniture, we realized that "ingenuity" has another interpretation of "soul injection"

the micro photography team enters Yungui

"craftsman" often means a dedicated, extreme and perfect process, so excellence has almost become a Chinese interpretation of "ingenuity". However, when we walked into Yunnan Guizhou office furniture, we realized that another interpretation of "ingenuity" was "soul injection", which injected the craftsman's "faith" and "character" into the products. Only when the craftsman's ingenuity can make the stiff furniture become flexible

-- Micro photography on June 26

originality? Yunnan Guizhou office furniture: enterprises are like people, people are like enterprises

like a piece of furniture, start with style, fall into quality, and be loyal to character. All furniture respected by people must integrate the feelings, beliefs, attitudes and character of the enterprise. In Yunnan and Guizhou, making products is like being a person, and every furniture is labeled with the character label of an entrepreneur

what does it mean for a chair that has been used for more than 20 years, and users get Yungui furniture for warranty? I think, in addition to the good quality of our products, it is the memory of users finding a home in Yungui furniture, which shows that furniture is also emotional. At that time, I immediately told the staff that they must repair it and repaint the chair into a new one. I hope users can pass on this chair from generation to generation

-- record the unforgettable story of Mr. Li Yungui

quality is life, product is character, and brand is soul! I believe that making products is like being human. Only when users trust us, will they trust our furniture and be loyal to our brand. Therefore, I dare to promise that we will not only do a good job in product quality, but also make the best of after-sales service after using the office furniture in Yunnan and Guizhou for 20 years

-- oral statement of Mr. Li Yungui, general manager of Yunnan Guizhou office furniture

interview with the Jiabaoli furniture paint micro shooting team, Mr. Li Yungui, general manager of Yunnan Guizhou office furniture

dedicated, devoted and professional! Learning without specialization is impossible. In an ordinary position, you can make extraordinary achievements by focusing and honing. For example, it is difficult for employees who do the skin sticking process to skillfully do several processes at the same time, even if it is such a small thing as trial assembly

focus on one career in one's life, loyal and professional

micro photography calls for

to be dedicated to one career all his life, and the craftsman has always maintained his concentration. We are moved by the persistence of the craftsman, and we hope that more young blood will inherit the spirit of "craftsman". Pick up your mobile phone and actively participate in the [garberry furniture paint] micro photography competition to contribute to the inheritance of the craftsman spirit

collection of works: 2016.6-8.31

online selection: 2016.9.1-31

Yungui office furniture employees actively respond to the micro photography competition

Yungui office furniture

Sichuan Yungui Office Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in furniture design, R & D, production and sales. The company has introduced advanced equipment from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, coupled with exquisite workmanship and all-round quality management, making the company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. With excellent product quality, it has won the honorary titles of provincial famous trademark, Sichuan famous brand, consumer satisfaction unit, CQC China environmental protection product certification, CEC environmental label product certification and so on

the company adheres to the humanistic concept of "building a brand, achieving employees and benefiting the society", striving for survival and excellence with quality, and makes unremitting progress with a keen sense of innovation and a tenacious pioneering spirit. The office series and hotel series furniture have won a broad market for their novel style, advanced technology, exquisite technology, excellent quality, elegant shape and unique design. The products are also exported to Middle East countries and regions




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