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Exterior wall insulation mainly relies on thermal insulation materials as building enclosures

a company in Guangdong has successfully developed glazing thermal adhesive

at present, many toys are packaged with paper pallets and blister transparent materials. Recently, however, a company in Chaoan, Guangdong Province has successfully developed a photothermal adhesive. The adhesive has waterproof, friction resistance, good transparency, high gloss and automatic stop, making the printed surface smooth and beautiful (without polishing), and strong adhesion to ensure the ideal thermal sealing effect, thus effectively protecting the printed pattern. According to the introduction, the glazing heat sealing adhesive can directly polish the printed PVC, pet, pure aluminum foil, white paper, gray paper, coated paper and other packaging materials on the polishing machine, and make it have the performance of heat sealing with the packaging materials that are the lifeline of the development of plastic processing industry and super binding conditions

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