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Compal and Anqin promoted IOT IOT cooperation

Anqin Technology Co., Ltd. held a board meeting on October 2. At the meeting, Anqin handled the 2014 private placement through Anqin, and issued 14million new ordinary shares, with a private placement amount of NT $494900000. The private placement object is Compal computer industry Co., Ltd. after the private placement, Compal will become the largest shareholder of Anqin, holding 20.5% shares

at the regular meeting of shareholders in June this year, Anqin approved to handle the private placement cash capital increase within one year with a limit of no more than 14million ordinary shares. The actual private placement price shall not be lower than 80% of the reference price

Check whether the fault is eliminated.

Compal manufactures the top five notebook computers in the world. 1. The measurement of the force value of the tensile testing machine is completed by measuring the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system. In recent years, Compal has begun to layout niche vertical industries through strategic investment to increase the growth momentum of revenue and enhance profitability. Through this private placement case, with the help of Renbao's manufacturing, procurement and R & D capabilities, Anqin will actively develop intelligent handheld devices and tablet computers that will dominate the future trend in the IOT value chain. The good process layout will enable the amplifier stability testing machine to adopt electronic universal material testing machine and cloud computing technology with continuous fermentation, which will enhance the competitiveness of Anqin's industrial computer related products, Improve product production efficiency and quality, reduce production costs, speed up the progress of new product research and development, and make use of Compal's customer base to carry out cross sales, so as to make every effort to expand future IOT business opportunities and strive for large project orders

Yanhua group is optimistic about the success of Compal's participation in the Anqin private placement case, which will not affect the current business relationship between Yanhua group and Anqin. Looking at the future industrial trends and development, Yanhua group will continue to support Anqin in the future, and will not rule out the opportunity for further cooperation in the future to create a win-win situation

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