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Liansu moved its warehouse and changed the month to open up room for rise. I. review of today's market

taking on the previous upward trend and the positive effect of the rise in crude oil, Liansu opened higher today, and then slowly fluctuated upward throughout the day. Recently, "Linke said that the main contract has been converted from l1009 to l1101. The main contract l1101 of Liansu closed up 210 points, or 2.04%, compared with the previous day. L1101 opened at 10400 points in the early trading and closed at 10505 points in the late trading, with a maximum of 10535 points and a minimum of 10380 points. Today, Liansu's trading volume declined to a certain extent, while its position increased to a certain extent

II. Upstream market observation

1 Economic data boosted, crude oil closed higher

the 30 day settlement price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose, recovering the lost ground in early trading, as optimistic economic data eliminated the adverse impact of earlier reports showing the slowdown of US economic growth. New York Mercantile Exchange plastic, steel, cement and wood became the four major industrial materials exchanges. The settlement price of September light and low sulfur crude oil futures rose by $0.59, or 0.8%, to $78.95 a barrel, breaking away from the previous low of $76.83. The settlement price of Brent crude oil on the ICE Futures Exchange rose $0.59 to $78.18 a barrel

2. Ethylene market fluctuated

Asian ethylene: boosted by the relatively tight supply side caused by the secondary fire of Formosa Plastics' device in Mailiao, the Asian ethylene fluctuated last Friday. CFR Northeast Asia ethylene rose $15 to $per ton, and CFR Southeast Asia rose $29 to $per ton. MEG manufacturers' current production profit is USD/ton, while PE manufacturers' profit is USD/ton; Due to the increasing profits, the end users of MEG and PE are highly interested in buying spot goods. However, most end users are still reluctant to make a firm counter-offer. European and American ethylene: in Europe, FD northwest Europe reported euro/ton, the low-end price rose by 20 euros, while the high-end price fell by 10 euros, and the high-end and low-end prices became upside down; CIF northwest Europe reported 1000- export growth was stable and improved by 1005 euros/ton, and the price increased by euros compared with the previous day. In the United States, ethylene prices were flat at 768 USD 68/ton FD US Gulf, unchanged from the previous day

III. spot market observation

driven by the small number of petrochemical orders and the continuous sharp rise of linear futures, the local quotation in Yuyao continued to rise, and the Yangzi 7042 was reported at 10000 yuan/ton. Today, the PE quotation in Guangzhou was basically stable, and the demand remained low. The overall inquiry and transaction were poor. Maoming 7042 was quoted at 9800 yuan/ton. The quotation of Qilu Chemical City rose over the weekend. The overall transaction ensured that the assembly workers had good and safe working conditions. The current high price was stable, with 7042 tax-free declaration of 9200 yuan/ton

IV. outlook for Liansu's future market

recently, Liansu successfully moved its warehouse and changed its month. However, this shift of position and month has some slightly special significance: if we look at l1009, it is difficult to break through the 60 day moving average and the 10000 point mark above it. Even if we can break through the upward trend, there will be a lot of pressure ahead; However, the l1101 contract is completely different. Not only has 10000 points already stood, which does not become a substantive problem, but also the 60 day moving average is weak. In addition, the pressure above is 11000 points, and there is also a large upward space. Therefore, it can be said that Liansu has successfully opened up the uplink space by shifting the warehouse for the month. In terms of operation, before 11000 points, investors can do long on bargain hunting

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