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Together with Tsinghua, Schneider Electric helped China's educational public welfare undertakings. On June 7, the unveiling ceremony of Schneider Electric practice base of Tsinghua University was grandly held in fit building of Tsinghua University. As the first foreign enterprise internship base signed and listed by Tsinghua University, the establishment of the internship base not only helps Tsinghua University to further improve its existing education platform and provides a good opportunity for students to understand the society in advance, adapt to the society and avoid blindness in employment, but also is a prominent performance of Schneider electric to repay the society and actively participate in China's educational public welfare undertakings. At the same time, it also marks the official launch of a series of in-depth cooperation between Schneider Electric and Tsinghua University

Schneider Electric practice base of Tsinghua University mainly provides internship opportunities such as summer production practice and graduate social practice in winter and summer for students of electrical engineering department and Automation Department of Tsinghua University. Among them, the summer production internship is mainly aimed at the third year undergraduate students. By enabling students to participate in the production, R & D and daily work of the enterprise, they can deepen their understanding of the practical application of professional related knowledge. The social practice of graduate students in winter and summer vacation is mainly aimed at graduate students, which not only gives them the opportunity to understand their major and society, but also helps them make full preparations for their future employment. The establishment of the practice base will help to solve the problems of College Students' relatively poor practical ability and lack of practical experience due to the limitations of practical conditions, so as to effectively improve their "employability"; Schneider Electric is also committed to cultivating a large number of multi-level, practical and high-quality electrical automation talents for China by opening up a new education platform for Tsinghua University

at the unveiling ceremony of the internship base, Schneider Electric also held an alumni home activity at the same time, i.e. sending representatives from nearly 100 alumni who graduated from Tsinghua University and now work for Schneider Electric to have face-to-face exchanges with their schoolmates, to share their career choice, work experience and their career experiences

it is reported that in addition to establishing an internship base, a series of in-depth cooperation between Schneider Electric and Tsinghua University will also include: Schneider Electric campus activities; Extensive cooperation has been carried out with Tsinghua University in course teaching and scientific research, including assisting Tsinghua University in establishing an electrical laboratory serving engineering teaching and setting up scholarships

according to Ms. jianyuemei of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., "repay the society", as an important part of Schneider Electric's development plan, has been included in the performance assessment indicators of each company's senior management as an indicator, and public welfare undertakings, including education, are one of the important means for the company to repay the society. "

the company has always paid close attention to China's education and has made supporting the development of China's education one of the public welfare undertakings the company focuses on. Schneider Electric believes that the improvement of education level will provide a longer-term and more reliable foundation for China's modernization. Therefore, since 1999, Schneider Electric has set up scholarships in Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and South China University of technology; Since 2000, Schneider Electric has carried out Luli activities for all employees worldwide every summer, and set up Schneider youth fund to help teenagers in poor areas around the world continue to receive education. Luli's activities in China include: supporting Jilin Provincial Forestry orphanage; Cooperate with China Youth Development Foundation to build "Schneider Electric hope primary school" in poor areas. While supporting education, an innovation team of Haizheng group also expanded public welfare undertakings to all aspects of the society, including the SARS in 2003 and the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. Schneider Electric extended a helping hand to the disaster areas...

the development of public welfare undertakings requires extensive social resources and the leading power of enterprises. As a public cause of great significance, teaching and receiving 35000 professional visitors is related to the interests and sustainable development of the society as long as the light bulb is changed. It must also try to mobilize the active participation of the whole society in order to effectively carry out the education and obtain the best social benefits. The cooperation between Schneider Electric and Tsinghua University is the concentration of Schneider Electric's sense of the world and society, so as to avoid bubbles in the parts. This will not only help promote the development of China's education, but also set an example for Chinese enterprises to actively participate in public welfare activities through in-depth cooperation with universities, and effectively promote the establishment of a complete and sustainable public welfare system in Chinese society

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