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Hand in hand with shell GTL, ChuanHua chemical wants to return to the textile oiling highland

hand in hand with shell GTL, ChuanHua chemical wants to return to the textile oiling highland

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gtl (natural gas to oil) is a process oil product researched and developed by shell with huge human and financial resources. 1. Its main uses not only have excellent physical and chemical properties, but also are known as the pacesetter of clean energy in the new era. In China, shell has initially targeted the application of GTL in five major industries, including textile and chemical industry. In the face of the weak awareness of environmental protection in the domestic chemical industry, the low concentration and small and scattered market pattern of the specialized chemicals industry, such a forward-looking product, is there a domestic textile enterprise willing to become the first person to eat crabs? Can related products be accepted by domestic textile customers? Can shell GTL play an important role in leading the new ecology of the domestic textile industry? This series of problems were still unknown before shell encountered ChuanHua chemical

shell GTL Huakai ChuanHua

"shell is not only a supplier, but also our partner"

in 2011, the shell GTL plant in Qatar officially began production. The world's largest natural gas to oil plant has invested about 19billion US dollars, has two production lines, and the production capacity of all products reaches 10million tons. Compared with the process oil refined from traditional mineral oil, the process oil products made from GTL technology have excellent physical and chemical properties. 6. The micro mirror should not move as much as possible, such as yellowing resistance, small friction coefficient, stable performance, less volatilization and less smoke. Therefore, GTL process oil, as a post spinning additive, plays a more important role than ordinary industrial lubricants that only play an auxiliary role in the production process. However, from the market point of view, the price of natural gas to oil is high, and the formula in application needs to be adjusted accordingly. Enterprises adopting GTL products also need to have the courage and ability to change. As the world's leading post spinning oil agent, ChuanHua is the most suitable partner for shell GTL. Wangliping, technical manager of shell Northeast Asia process oil, was responsible for GTL's technology and market development business in the Asia Pacific region. "At that time, we selected several promotion directions for GTL, including textile and chemical fiber. As the leader in this field, ChuanHua naturally became our goal."

also around 2011, with the change of production factor prices of land and labor, domestic textile production gradually shifted to Southeast Asia, and the whole domestic textile industry chain was facing the pressure and challenges of change. The leadership of ChuanHua reviewed the situation and analyzed the changes in market demand and its own positioning. In order to complete the transformation from quantity to quality, it decided that the urgent task was to break the old marketing thinking and improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain of the industry, so as to increase the added value of products. In such an environment, the choice of oil products in the upper reaches of the product chain naturally becomes the top priority of ChuanHua's manpower. At this time, the GTL products newly developed by shell, the global energy giant, have extended an olive branch to it

relying on this olive branch, shell process oil has taken the lead in the Chinese market with ChuanHua company, the leading domestic chemical fiber textile company, and has explored an all-round and in-depth cooperation mode in just a few years of cooperation history. It has not only cooperated with ChuanHua to return to the high-end textile oil market, established a full-automatic nylon oil production line in China, but also reshaped the brand of ChuanHua, On the way to becoming a global industry leader, we have gone beyond the simple supply relationship of raw materials and become a cooperative partner with mutual support

since 2011, the formal product supply began in 2012. It is not a long time for ChuanHua to apply GTL to produce textile oiling agent, but the most popular performance among middle and downstream customers of textile products, including non yellowing and excellent emulsifying performance, has gradually been proved to be excellent

in the textile industry, post spinning oiling agent plays a key role in the production of chemical fiber, and process oil usually accounts for more than 90% of the finished oiling agent, so it is very important to affect the formulation performance of oiling agent. The formulation development is usually a secret of a chemical enterprise. However, in the cooperation between shell and ChuanHua, this secret has been replaced by a new cooperation mode defined by both parties as "division of labor cooperation", which can be said to redefine the business cooperation mode between oil suppliers and textile and chemical enterprises

"in R & D, we are equivalent to one team operating one product rather than two teams". Liyanhai, general manager of ChuanHua chemical, highly appraised the establishment of the new cooperation model. In this regard, Wang Xi, the shell R & D project director, gave us a typical example. At the beginning of this year, shell found that the original formula had potential problems. After high temperature exposure, there would be precipitates of oil products, which would cause instability of oil layering. Shell quickly reflected the problem to the transmission aspect, which also attached great importance to it. However, because the oil formulation itself involved industry secrets, it really needed the support of shell, Therefore, after negotiation, The two sides jointly agreed on a "division of labor - cooperation" "The new model is first broken down into three groups step by step according to the problem-solving process. Shell's Rd selects imported emulsifiers to replace the original emulsifiers, while ChuanHua's RD is responsible for monitoring whether there are residues in the magazines of the existing emulsifiers. Finally, ChuanHua's formula design laboratory integrates the data of both sides and redesigns them. With the strong supplier resources of the backdoor license and the technical expertise of Shanghai Technology Center in emulsifier research Tired, we quickly found a suitable substitute for imported emulsifier. It is reported that the latest version of oil formulation has eliminated this problem, and ChuanHua's customer feedback is that the new formulation is easier to clean

it is the excellent performance of both sides in the technical cooperation on the formula that paves the way for further cooperation. In the eyes of general manager liyanhai, "shell is not only a supplier, but also our partner"

create shell GTL inside

"GTL not only serves products, but also reshapes the brand"

with the first-class technology and service experience of international brands, it constantly leads the upgrading and innovation of product technology, and even leads to major changes in the industry ecology, which is very attractive to any company that pays attention to brand building

the cooperation with shell is not limited to product innovation. ChuanHua pays more attention to the resulting brand remodeling. At present, for the ChuanHua chemical business unit, in addition to maintaining relative autonomy in terms of the company's core technologies, it also hopes that shell will be deeply involved in the overall operation of the enterprise. Just like Intel's famous brand marketing "Intel inside" in those years, ChuanHua chemical post spinning oil is also calling for the brand instillation of "shell GTL inside". Just as ChuanHua named this high-end nylon textile oil as "703g", this joint star product is deeply branded with GTL. ChuanHua's sincerity has also received a warm response from shell

after opening the door of cooperation in the research and development of textile oil formulation, the pace of cooperation between the two sides was significantly accelerated. In April, 2014, the two sides jointly participated in China INTERDYE (China International Dye Industry and organic pigments, Textile Chemicals Exhibition) and signed a memorandum of cooperation. In march2015, a global strategic cooperation agreement was signed at the headquarters of ChuanHua. The two sides will carry out all-round strategic cooperation in marketing, R & D and brand promotion, which also marks that ChuanHua group has officially become a global partner of shell group

in March 2015, shell and ChuanHua signed a strategic cooperation agreement (left in the front row: zhoujiahai, President of ChuanHua chemical group; right in the front row: Coen Wilms, general manager of shell global process oil)

it is worth mentioning that in January this year, before the signing of the cooperation agreement, the largest automatic production line of high-end nylon oil agent in China was officially started in ChuanHua chemical, and a separate production line was built to use GTL, It can not only avoid cross pollution with other production lines, but also show the confidence and determination of general manager ChuanHua and liyanhai to improve product quality and brand. "Expanding the production line not only comes from the common mission of both sides, but also because of the high added value of nylon oiling agent, we hope that ChuanHua nylon oiling agent will return to the first position in the industry with the help of shell, just like polyester oiling agent". Throughout the establishment of this production line, shell, a good partner, has been active. In 2013, ChuanHua visited shell's factories in Zhuhai and Zhapu, and shell arranged special personnel to exchange experience and provide guidance on production equipment optimization, workshop management and the establishment and improvement of HSSE, especially production safety. In addition, the senior management of ChuanHua also paid a visit to the newly built Shanghai Technology R & D center. Shell fully shared its ideas on the purchase of experimental equipment and the improvement of laboratory standards, as well as the control, production, storage and transportation and management of oil products in daily cooperation

In march2015, shell visited the production line accompanied by ChuanHua. In march2015, shell visited the tank and production line of ChuanHua accompanied by ChuanHua. Apart from good technical support and management sharing, this pair of partners are working together to understand the first-hand market demand, jointly visit customers, jointly promote shell GTL and ChuanHua 703g products to customers, and listen to the feedback of the market on products, Take the initiative to grasp the market will of customers. Through the visit to shell, we learned that ChuanHua's customers are paying more and more attention to the volatilization loss of spinning during storage. Recently, shell's laboratory in Shanghai found that the volatility (VOC) of GTL oil was found to be about half lower than that of similar products in the market. At present, shell is testing with ChuanHua. If confirmed, it will prolong the storage time of oil products and greatly reduce the storage loss and cost for customers

"shell Shiming has visited more than 11 customers with us this year. Some of our customer recommendation meetings and the control of oxidation process conditions are attended by shell. Our sales staff have also learned a lot of key customer management methods from shell." Li Yanhai highly recognizes that shell and ChuanHua have done market education and brand promotion together, because ChuanHua has introduced shell GTL, Product innovation and brand reshaping are equally important. In the interview, President Li repeatedly mentioned that Shiming was sunshiming, the key account manager of shell. It was in the process of accompanying ChuanHua to visit customers that sunshiming also had a deeper understanding of ChuanHua's corporate culture. "ChuanHua attaches great importance to the application and benefits of products and does not refuse external transformative thinking, which also enables it to make changes in production immediately after receiving direct feedback in the market, and has great flexibility."

leading the industry ecology to achieve outstanding leader

with the help of GTL, ChuanHua not only meets the current needs of the market, but also responds to the future development trend and direction of the market. According to weiyubo, general manager of process oil sales in Northeast Asia of shell, "The development of the textile industry has entered a stable period after rapid development. In the past, it used to win by quantity, go to the middle and low-end market and destroy the environment. In the future, it will pay more attention to the new direction of quality and green environmental protection, and the emergence of GTL just meets this development direction." with the signing of this year's comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will cooperate in three aspects in the future, "first in the top 10 customers of ChuanHua

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