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[social recruitment] 40 posts, 70 people! Public recruitment of industrial units directly under State Grid Corporation of China

social recruitment announcement of XJ Group in 2020

I. Basic Information

XJ Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial unit directly under State Grid Corporation of China and a high-tech modern industrial group focusing on power, automation and intelligent manufacturing. As a leading enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, XJ Group focuses on the five core businesses of ultra-high voltage, smart electricity, new energy, electric vehicle charging and replacement, rail transit and industrial intelligence, as well as emerging businesses such as integrated energy services, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation inspection and advanced energy storage. Its products are widely used in all links of the power system. XJ Group has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a national high voltage DC transmission and transformation equipment engineering technology research center, a national energy active distribution technology research and development center, a national industrial design center and a national electrical instrument quality supervision and inspection center. It is the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of iec/tc85 Technical Committee and the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for standardization of electrical instruments and meters

XJ Group controls one listed company, has 19 subsidiaries (branches), has built one R & D center in Xuchang, five R & D sub centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Harbin and Zhengzhou, and seven industrial bases in Xuchang, Zhuhai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Jinan, Harbin and Chengdu

II. Recruitment positions, number of people and application conditions

(I) recruitment positions and number of people

XJ Group, according to the needs of business development, in accordance with the principle of "openness, equality, standardization and efficiency, focus on performance, competition first, market orientation, and ability to enter and exit", this time, it openly recruited 40 scarce positions for the society, a total of 70 people

(II) application conditions

1 Good ideological and political quality, support the party's line, principles and policies, and have a strong sense of enterprise

2. Be law-abiding, have good conduct and professional quality, and identify with the corporate culture and core values

3. Have the required knowledge background, qualification, work skills and experience, and have at least 3 years of relevant work experience

4. There are no relevant non competition restrictions and other disputes with the original unit, with good social credit and no bad record of crime

5. Have good physical condition and psychological quality

among them, 13 positions such as the manager of the R & D department can be relaxed due to the need for senior professional titles, professional qualifications and experience in large projects

III. recruitment process

1 Address of resume delivery: (you can directly click "read the original text" to view), each person is limited to two positions, and the deadline for resume delivery is February 15, 2020

2. Qualification review. According to the recruitment conditions, the preliminary screening and qualification of the candidates can greatly reduce the quantity of waste landfill of carbon fiber fabric by Sikma and its customers, and select the best candidates to enter the selection process

3. Personnel selection. Conduct comprehensive evaluation on the candidates through written examination and interview, and select the best to determine the preliminary candidates

4. Background checks. According to the evaluation results, carry out background investigation on the candidates for middle and senior management positions

5. Publicize employment. XJ Group makes a comprehensive evaluation on the candidates according to the recruitment results and background investigation, selects the best candidates, and publicizes the employed middle and high-level management personnel with Swiss imported digital dial indicators through XJ Group officials. After no objection is made to the publicity, the recruitment contract is signed

IV. precautions

1 The applicant shall be responsible for the completeness, authenticity and consistency of the materials provided. In case of any untruth, the applicant shall be disqualified immediately

2. This recruitment will only accept the delivery of resumes

3. To ensure timely receipt of examination related information, please keep the communication unblocked. If the contact information of the applicant changes, please update your resume in time

4. For recruitment policy consultation, please send an email to xjgczhaopin@

5. For system operation consultation of the recruitment platform, please call: (recruitment policy consultation is not accepted here)

6. There will be no registration fee, intermediary fee, handling fee, information fee and other fees during the recruitment process. The recruitment unit will not organize any form of pre examination training. XJ Group reserves the right to pursue legal action against individuals or institutions that publish false recruitment information. XJ Group will not bear any loss caused by the applicant's false recruitment

v. salary and welfare

1 Remuneration. The salary shall be determined according to the post and paid according to the performance

2. Special rewards. Scientific and technological innovation awards, marketing special awards, micro innovation special awards, "talent plan" special awards, etc

3. Welfare guarantee. Five insurances and one fund, enterprise annuity, serious illness medical insurance, supplementary medical insurance, paid annual leave, annual physical examination, employee recuperation, etc

4. Life care. Single apartment, shuttle bus, staff canteen, staff supermarket, holiday greetings, etc

appendix and metal, mining and mining industry: Post and qualification conditions

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