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Join hands with gaobao Quanhua to enter the high-end packaging market

talking about the printing industry in Shandong Province, medicine bag is a major feature. However, in general, although the printing enterprises have a strong desire to do packaging, in addition to the capital and technology, the servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance drives the ball screw pair to rotate through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system, Objectively, the underdeveloped light industry also restricts the development of packaging and printing. On the one hand, it cannot rely on a large number of manufacturing and processing industries like Guangdong enterprises, on the other hand, it has no potential to form a regional scale like the eastern coastal areas. It is difficult to grow in the short term due to congenital deficiency and self deficiency. However, with the installation of the gaobaoli Bida 105 six color plus UV printing machine in Jinan Quanhua packaging products Co., Ltd., these inspections of the metal material testing machine can not be ignored in the use process, which indicates that a new scene will appear in Shandong packaging, especially in the high-end wine packaging market, and is bound to decorate the high-end packaging market more brilliantly

Jinan Quanhua packaging products Co., Ltd. has entered the flexographic printing market since 2000. It has four production lines and is engaged in the production of roof packs. With several years' efforts, it has become a leading enterprise in the industry. Its output has reached the top three in China, its sales volume has reached the second in China, and its market share is close to 40%. In 2010, with the integration of the company, wine bags became a new business of the company, followed by several old equipment. Quanhua, which aims at the high-end wine bag market, is naturally not satisfied with the current situation and needs better equipment to be put into production. After market research, it is found that almost all UV high-end packaging in Shandong is occupied by enterprises in other provinces. Enterprises in Shandong have few competitors due to the lack of capital and technology, and the Chinese people's preference for packaging has greatly stimulated this market. When it comes to wine bags, Mr. xingxianqing, general manager of Jinan Quanhua packaging products Co., Ltd., said that in China, due to different purchasing power, packaging can make the positioning of products more clear. In other words, many times we distinguish the value of products through packaging. In particular, high-end products have a great demand for exquisite packaging, and there is also a large profit space for enterprises. In order to make this market, we must have good equipment. The technical threshold and capital threshold are much higher. When books and magazines and business printing continue to be depressed, we must see that the high-end packaging market will become more and more prosperous. After more than half a year of trial operation, many Shandong enterprises have begun to pay attention to the changes of Quanhua. Their business has gradually increased from small orders to large quantities of orders. The feedback is very ideal

Figure 1: Mr. xingxianqing, general manager of Jinan Quanhua packaging products Co., Ltd. (2 on the left), Mr. Juergen veil, marketing director of the sheet Department of gaobao company (2 on the right), Mr. wanglianbiao, general manager of sales in China of gaobao company (1 on the left), and others took a group photo

when it comes to packaging, we have to improve our products. In the field of large format and special printing, gaobao's years of successful experience has created numerous extraordinary achievements. When choosing equipment, President Xing paid special attention to gaobao equipment. Clear positioning is the decisive factor for the cooperation between the two sides. The excellent performance of gaobao equipment in thick paper printing and excellent UV technology are very in line with the needs of Quanhua, and the professional sales team has also made president Xing very satisfied and solved the problems concerned by Quanhua at the first time. President Xing said: since we cooperated with gaobao for more than a year, we are still satisfied with the equipment and services. It can be said that choosing gaobao is a wise decision. Excellent stability and prompt after-sales service. In the past, our annual output could only reach printing times, which was still very tired. After using gaobao equipment, it was easily increased to 7million printing. I think after a few big orders are launched next year, I can break through 20million prints. The efficiency and quality have been improved by more than one level. I think I will cooperate with both the verification device and the experimental machine again in the near future

Figure 2: the participants of the 2011 German gaobao latest technology tour seminar Jinan Station visited gaobao libida color plus UV glazing equipment in Jinan Quanhua packaging products Co., Ltd.

for the future development, Quanhua will develop comprehensively in the fields of flexo printing, offset printing and so on. The general sentence is: Quanhua is an enterprise that has entered the printing field and developed in many aspects by taking the roof bag as an opportunity. However, no matter which field it is, having a technical core is the foundation to stabilize the market. Mr. Xing said: in the traditional printing field, we have gaobao, and we are very optimistic about the high-end packaging market. In the future, the growth point in this field will be an important part of our enterprise development

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