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Tasting · Innovation: Sany international brand day activities continue to promote

tasting · Innovation: Sany international brand day activities continue to promote

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Guide: after the brand day activities held in Guiyang, on June 26, 43% of the tasting innovation product exhibition and promotion will be used to replace the old aircraft and enter Leshan City, Sichuan Province, which is known as the country of Begonia fragrance. The production rate of four cervical artificial intervertebral discs is lower than that of other cervical vertebrae. Cai Zelan, director of Sany international human resources, Ge Li, general manager of Chengdu Hengli Weiye mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., Sany international Sichuan Chongqing regional agent

following the brand day event held in Guiyang, on June 26, the "tasting · innovation" product exhibition and promotion meeting entered Leshan City, Sichuan Province, which is known as the "country of Begonia fragrance". Caizelan, the director of human resources of Sany international, and Ge Li, the general manager of Chengdu Hengli Weiye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the regional agent of Sany international in Sichuan and Chongqing, together with more than 220 guests from Sichuan coal group, heavy coal group and local mines in Sichuan and Chongqing region, attended the event

in order to better show the guests the company's superb R & D, manufacturing and process level, the delivery ceremony of the complete set of fully mechanized mining equipment in Sichuan Tangba coal mine was grandly held at the Tangba coal mine site on June 27. In addition to displaying the complete set of fully mechanized mining equipment, the site also showed the Rock Roadway Drilling and installation machine suitable for narrow roadway and high rock hardness industrial and mining operations in Sichuan Chongqing region. Sany international technicians answered various technical problems raised by customers on site one by one

plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy

the holding of the exhibition and promotion of coal mechanization products further showed Sany's leading position in the field of coal machinery to customers in Sichuan and Chongqing. As the industry leader, Sany will contribute to the promotion of coal mining mechanization in Sichuan and Chongqing

following the "tasting and innovation" activities in Guizhou and Chengdu, the Sany international brand day was held in Ordos on July 25. Zhang Tianran, deputy general manager of Sany international marketing company, Liu SHUIZHANG, deputy president of support research institute, and sany international agents in Inner Mongolia. Therefore, the paper industry will continue to be a year of challenges and opportunities. More than 110 people attended the event, including general manager zhouchiping, general manager Gu Jianhua of power coal industry, and Han Tao, member of the Standing Committee of the government flag Committee and Minister of publicity of Jungar banner in Ordos City

at this conference, there were not only all-round product demonstrations, but also the actual statements of users. During the technical Q & a session, the participating customers raised many questions about the intelligent roadheader, light hydraulic support and fully mechanized mining supporting equipment they were interested in. Good news continued on the day of the meeting. On behalf of the company, Zhou Chiping, general manager of Sany International's Inner Mongolia agent, solemnly handed the key to the deep and friendly strategic cooperation between Sany international and power coal to AI Weishun, head of the mining Party of power coal. Gu Jianhua, general manager of power coal, and Zhang Tianran, deputy general manager of Sany international marketing company witnessed the ceremony. Subsequently, Sany international and China coal technology signed a contract of more than 80 million yuan for baishupo comprehensive mining project. Sany international, together with the major group enterprises in Inner Mongolia, has made due contributions to promoting the efficient, safe and green mining of Inner Mongolia's coal resources

at the "Trinity night" theme party, the program performance with Trinity characteristics and exciting lottery links took turns, and the guests gathered together in a happy and warm atmosphere

this series of brand publicity activities will be held in various cities in succession to further promote new products and technologies of Sany international

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