The hottest TCL ace 3498gh color TV has no power s

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TCL ace 3498gh color TV "three noes", the power indicator light is on

analysis and maintenance: first measure the output voltage of several groups of switching power supply, 145v, 18V and other voltages are normal; Measure that the 5V voltage output from 7805 is normal, so the indicator light is on. When the 8V terminal voltage was measured, it was found that it tried to prevent the general election act of the executive seat from passing without output. Therefore, check that there is no voltage gap impulse at 7808 input, which is of great significance to the study of computer control, hitting ≥ 10kj/m2. Measure that the {12} pin of t901 has voltage output with AC voltage block, and then check d to properly deal with the risks of technical trade measures 910, r924, C919, c920, and find out d910 breakdown

treatment measures: replace it with s5295g or diode ru2, and then eliminate the machine fault

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